Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC 2012 Wrap Up!

OKay, I am sort of laughing at this title. Seriously, I fell off the KCWC band wagon BEFORE it even began with initial lack of motivation going into it. You see... I've made a new promise to myself. Wanna know what it is?

Sew when I want, what I want, always for God's glory.

That happened this week and I am proud of myself for resisting to do something "just cuz everyone else is." Don't get me wrong, I love a good sewing challenge. KCWC is wonderful! But, I also know my limits. 

 KCWC 2012:
 Henley Hoodie & Baggies Pants Waist Adjustment

Jeggings for Naomi & O +S Skirt waist adjustment 

Why do I keep making kid clothes too big?

Also sewn/made non-KCWC this week were other scarves that were made to order (3 adult sizes, 1 child size in total): 
Which can also be worn the way Ms. Gail prefers!
 hahaha...sorry, Ms. Gail... just was TOO funny! This has to be in my future sewing blog book.

AND... Some Mama Jeggings for me, as a result of ladies craft night with my besties - photo stolen from Mer's instagram on fb: 
That is me up there pinning jeggings on the floor, which turned out to be these below... Also (above) highlighting some of the other girl's crafts including a "Carla's" hooded towel, some embroidery, and mid-process ruffle cowl! It's fun when other people make stuff from your blog! :)
Awkward leg angle with the phone camera...anybody else loving sweater socks hanging out of their boots & sweater dresses yet? 

Thursday, sewing did not happen. My throat started hurted. The hubs and I curled up in bed and watched the independent film October Baby. He we both cried. It was cheesy wonderful and a tear jerker you should see, because it's true... every life is beautiful, even 24 week old almost aborted babies that somehow survive and are born and you realize they were/are almost murdered. Sorry... hope that doesn't ruin things for ya there. Go rent it.

Friday, sewing did not happen. Sore throat again. I crawled in bed with a good book (jk) at 8:30 pm. I know you're dying to know which book I'm reading... 
I learned way too much about the womanly cycle and how to chart my cycle. No, we are not trying to get pregnant. We are adopting folks! The Fertility Awareness Method can be used as Natural Birth Control, too. But...ya never know.... (hubby, that was a joke) My BFF has read this and I thought I should learn more than I ever need to know about my own body, too! ha!

Saturday was a CRAZY day filled with all sorts of non-sewing related activities... my mom's dance studio had a softball tournament fundraiser that we helped out with, then we went to a fall festival at a friend's church and ate cotton candy, s'more's, bounced in a bouncy house, and taste tested chili's. It was amazing and fun and free and fun. Then, as if that wasn't exhausting enough, we went over to my in law's home and watched the gamecocks lose their first game of this season... BOO!

So, now here we are Sunday, after church, my throat is still hurting, but I am working on my guest post for this Wednesday at Caila Made. Caila is doing a Best of Fall pattern week long series! Caila is one of my bestest blog friends, so I'm very excited for her first series happening this week!

Lastly, and seriously, most important is that someone that knows me, a sister in Christ, blessed me and my little sewing heart so much.
This friend sent me a gift card to Hobby Lobby. It came on a day when I was sort of fighting that little promise I had made to myself up there and fighting "feeling bad" because I wasn't putting all on hold to sew for KCWC. It was like God lifted up a lamp and said, do what you are doing FOR ME, not them. Don't worry about THEM, worry about ME. Sew and do and make and give me the glory! This was the push I needed to remind me what I am doing and how I like to do it and why I am here in my corner of the blog world. So, thank you, mysterious sister in Christ. I love you and the way you've lit up my world this week. You are awesome, whoever you are! I pray that God continues to use you and this gift of encouragement ten fold! You are beautiful!

That's a wrap! Pretty successful week in my book! How was yours?