Monday, October 29, 2012

Party City Sponsored Halloween Costumes: Part 1

"Okay, crazy mamas... sometimes you just need to buy your kid's Halloween costumes. You do not need to DO.IT.ALL! MAKE.IT.ALL! "Normal" (non-sewing) mamas just buy things. It's really OK, not to mention FUN and EASY! This is a sponsored post brought to you by..."

I had a great privilege of working with Party City this Halloween to bring you some amazing cute-ness right off the shelf...
And onto some adorable children! Thank goodness for fun friends who let you dress their kids up for your blog!

First up, we have the most adorable little Peacock Costume that I've ever seen!
 It was embroidered, glittered, and looked so comfortable!
 Did I not say ADORABLE!? Good job, Party City!
It really was such a well-thought out baby costume, with easy snaps, and comfy jersey knit jump suit!

Then, came these 3 popular Avenger superheros, which made my friend's and I laugh and laugh, because they really embodied each superhero they were dressed as in their own personalities individually, and this whole photo shoot looked like "Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor - The Early Days"!

My lil Captain America... ready to conquer the world!

Thor... the handsome ladies' man whose brute Hammer strength would woo you off your feet!

And Iron Man, ready to shoot into space at any given moment just for kicks!
Iron Man always, always comes through!

Let's be honest, sometimes a superhero is just hard...
Especially when you bang you face going down the slide especially, when all 3 battle it out to see who's more powerful and really they could have just taken an extra minute to talk it out and figure out who was who, but really just smashing into each other is more fun.... (just watch the movie, if you have no idea which scene I just described!)
Aw, poor Captain America. He needed this downfall to figure out he wasn't frozen anymore and life really did go on.

No, really, back to this review. As a sewist, you know I  really would not recommend something that I did not think was well-made, and you know I examined the construction of these sweet costumes. These costumes really were SO well-made. I also would not buy something that I could make, and these muscle-y costumes would be more than I would want to tackle on my own. Plus, they are what every little boy wants! I can see these getting lots of use in the next couple years! Although, my 2 year old keeps calling his Batman? Next year, Party City, Okay?
Check out these buff stuffed arms! Really, this Thor was my favorite! Goodness, gracious, hilarious!

And how do you get 4 toddlers to stay still... feed them with Halloween Candy!

Thank you Party City for wanting to be a part of this Halloween with us, and for sending us some amazing costumes to enjoy! The kids LOVE THEM!

I also want to thank my sweet friends for letting me dress up their kids, and take photos of them at a park WAY before Halloween and get weird looks from strangers... Just Kidding!

Oh... and wait! You thought Party City didn't think of ME, did you? Well, they did. You just, uh... wait. It needs a post all of it's own.