Friday, November 9, 2012

Beadboard Headboard by Mr. DBS

My husband is so talented! He's not a wood working kind of man, but when I ask him to do something, he always seems to pull it off so well! I'm in love with Cai's new custom headboard for his bed! Aren't you?
I love the overstated headboard kind of look!

I had this random square of bead board that's been hiding between my washer/dryer for forever. I had no idea what I would use it for, but the thought of tossing bead board to the trash was just not going to happen. Then, one day, I had the idea to spray paint it red for Cai's bed headboard. However, it looked plain stupid by itself. So, I sweetly, asked my husband to please help! More like, "HELP!!!!"

We found 3 other boards that used to be flowerboxes on Hart's parent's house a LONG time ago in their shed. They had these neat notches carved in them. I loved them! We used these as the frame.
Hart was a bit scared of messing up the cutting, so he called his best friend, Charlie to help him! They did most of it before a football game, and finished it during Half Time and then I took over the painting from there! They did so great! Thank you, Charlie!!!
It's a simple design, really. Just 2 boards on the side. The bead board screwed into the 2 side boards and one across the top.
I spray painted the back black (not shown) just to seal the wood since it was old and had been in a shed for who knows how long. Then, I painted the front Fiesta Red by Premium Decor found at Ace Hardware.
Once we got it home, we cut it down to be the right size for Cai's bed lengthwise. The finished measurements are 44'' x 52''. Perfect for a single bed. The husband used a tipping kit to secure to the wall to make sure it would never fall on Cai's head somehow if the bed got pushed away from the wall.
And there you have our semi "vintage" bead board headboard for Cai's new big boy room! Isn't it fun!?