Saturday, November 24, 2012

Father & Son Matching Flannel Shirts

I've been sewing this whole last week like crazy (around Thanksgiving family time, of course). We had our family Christmas photo shoot with my good friend, JeeJee, today, and I had a vision (and a deadline!).

A matchy matchy vision for my two boys.
I cannot wait to see the photos from our shoot! In the meantime, I took some of my own for the blog, so I could show you how cute these turned out! Ah, I'm in love!
It may surprise you, but this growing sewing talent that God has given me shocks me, EVERY time. I have a moment where I have completely finished and it's like I come out of a sewing " creative daze" and see what I have made and I really think.... I cannot believe I just made that!!! 
 Maybe God felt that way, too, after he finally rested on the 7th day...maybe he just said, Goodness... this is so cool! Look at this world I've made! Haha!
 All along my sewing journey, I have felt like I will "finally be REAL seamstress, when I can xyz".

Sewing a men's button down was on that "xyz" list. It just feels like I've reached a sewing milestone... especially sewing two very different versions...  is that crazy?

No, I think not, because sewing these two items was very time consuming and I utilized a lot of sewing skills that amaze me that I know! I don't want that to sound cocky, but as my husband says, "You need to just face it. You are talented with this stuff." Okay, honey, I'm trying to see it that way! I'll try to stop beating myself up when there are flaws! Perfectionism... get out of the way!
Even though these are very similar due to my fabric choice, they are actually very different in style and put together in two completely different ways. It was really neat to sew them so closely together and realize the two very different ways you can "build" a shirt.

The Colette Negroni does not have a button placket down the front, but has inside yokes that make for a smooth front finish.

I've personally decided that I actually like the more traditional style of the Oliver + S Sketchbook button placket.
And I really like the box pleat in the back of the Sketchbook pattern vs. two little pleats on the negroni. I may do the box pleat on a shirt another time for Hart.
On both shirts, I did the yokes & pockets on the bias.

However, the Negroni had a lot of things I liked. I learned how to sew both curved felled seams and flat felled seams. I felt like the way the Negroni was put together made a lot of sense to me. I liked how I sewed on the cuffs and how it seemed to avoid needing to hand sew anything vs. the Oliver + S shirt which called for hand sewing the collar in place. I actually used the felled seam technique when sewing the Oliver + S shirt, so both of my shirts are beautiful on the inside and out. I didn't take photos of them (because my boys are wearing them today!), but trust me. It just makes me giddy to see them pretty inside, too.
The only things my perfectionism would say "messed up" were the cuffs on Cai's shirt and curving the pockets on both shirts. I sewed the button holes a little too far in and it makes the shirt kind of tight to button. We just rolled them back fo a "relaxed" look, so I don't mind. Next time, I know.

Other details you might want to know:
-I used Target flannel sheets for my fabric. They are on the end caps, so as you walk by... take note! haha! I loved how thick the flannel was vs. anything I have found in craft stores just seemed so light and airy and not warm and cozy. They were $25.99 for a set of sheets. It gave me so much fabric to make these shirts and I still have a lot left to make other things like PJs or flannel muslins!!! I hope to pick more up for more items as they get marked further down to clearance! I wonder if anyone will ever walk up to my husband and say, "Hey... I have sheets that look like that!" ha!
-Hart's shirt is an XL and Cai's is a 3T.
-I made the pockets on the sketchbook curve like those to match the negroni.
-The chocolate 1/2'' buttons are from Hancock Fabrics, which were my only Black Friday shopping and I got all of them for under $2! Yay!
-Making my own shirt made me realize how NICE they come out compared to cheap-o clothing places like Wal-Mart or Target. Really, the quality of this shirt is similar to a higher end line of shirts that you'd pay some good money for. Definitely worth making yourself IF you ever have time! haha!

With all that, the main reason why I did this was because our little guy looks up to his amazing father with so much love and admiration. Hart is such an amazing example of our Heavenly Father and his love for us. I just love seeing it and I wanted to remember it forever in photos. Making this shirt for my husband spoke to his "love language" and he was so happy! I need to sew for him more often!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how fun these came out! I hope to share our finished Christmas photos and my outfit (which I did not make, sorry) to come!

Merry Christmas y'all!