Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ginorm-O pattern!

I'm going to feel like a real seamstress when I finish the Colette Negroni for Hart!
Felled seams (which at this point... I still have no clue what that means), button plackets, collars, and sleeve plackets, pleats. I am making a MEN'S shirt!!! WOW! When I opened this pattern and skimmed the pages, I kind of wanted to go run and hide!

No, I really am excited to learn new things. The reason I would spend $12 on this pattern is because I have complete faith that they will help me through the stuff I don't know, and then I will feel super accomplished!

Last night I printed off all 73 pages!!!! And taped the big sheet all together... It was quite a task! please remind me next time I sew for Hart to just spend $4 more and get the pattern booklet!
Literally.... HUGE! The pattern was seriously as big as me! I'm 5'7!

My tip for putting together a pattern like this is to not cut anything, but just fold your piece of paper on two sides and tape it all together, overlapping it as you go. The first time I did a printed pattern, I cut out the entire thing and then realized I could just fold 2 sides of the paper, not cut out the whole thing. It goes much faster! :) 

Hope you got a good little laugh out of me laying on that pattern! I'm having fun, here! Now, here's to praying that I can actually do a great job sewing up this pattern! Any tips from those of you that have made this pattern!?