Thursday, November 1, 2012

Growing the Silly Blog

Growing your silly blog is silly. Want to know how I grow this blog? Want to know the secret, dear Loyal Blog Reading FOLKS?
Have silly fun.
 Be okay with being a fool.
Be honest about your life.
Make sure your hair looks good.
Don't look at your stats, pageviews, or traffic.
Just be you.

It's taken me a long time to get to this point, because there has always been a part of me that will not let go of "shooting for the stars" when it comes to whatever I set out to do, but I've realized that this blog has grown and I haven't had any specific formula for it.

Seriously though, just the other day, as I was logging in to do a post, I was like... Jeez, that number of page views seems high. (I wish it wasn't automatically "there", but it is, so sometimes I see it, most times not). So I went on over to look at my blog stats for the first time in probably 6 months, and was shocked at what I found. I quickly googled "what this means" and realized that I have what's considered a "loyal blog readership" that is quickly growing...

Uh, what in the world? How? 

It's God at work people. Only him.

I don't tell you to brag. I don't tell you to point out how awesome I am, because I promise you, I am not any more special than you.

I'm telling you to THANK YOU for reading, for commenting, for taking time to encourage me back, for sewing along, for being inspired, for inspiring me, and for being my friend.


If you struggle with giving your blog, your stats, your all over to God to let him make what he wants out of you, then I encourage you to know 1)you are not alone, we all do 2)read this post and this post and this post. Those last three blogs and posts have kept me "straight" and on top of that is SheReadsTruth. Without them, I'm pretty sure that my heart would have stayed seeking the wrong things concerning this creative outlet. While my heart still "fails" me at times, I know that I am here to help shepherd yours and I want to do that well.

Thank you for reading!