Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Japanese Fabric

I love Japanese Fabric, don't you? I don't love how costly it is here in America. One day, as I was wishing I had some NaniIro Flannel, my mind thought... if only I could go get some from Japan! Then, wham, bam, it hit me... We have friends in Japan! Maybe they could get me some fabric, particulary flannel, because ours here is so blah! I messaged our friend Kazuki and asked him if he would go look for me and see if they had any. It was a huge favor to ask. He was so kind and just sent me a picture of the fabrics he picked up for me...
I seriously went crazy when I saw them! Aren't they SO cool!? Echino and NaniIro straight from Japan, for me. I just can't believe how cool those deer with glasses are! It will be Christmas as soon as they arrive!

The biggest risk was having our "guy friend" pick out fabric, but he did an amazing job! Wouldn't you say?

Now, here's to hoping after the cost in Japan + shipping, I still didn't break the bank too too much! Ha!