Thursday, November 15, 2012

Now, You just wait one minute...

Now, I can't possibly leave you with thinking I'm some cool, over-the-top mom blogger who makes super cool clothes (which I do) for just one silly second, now can I.... nope. I've promised to be true to myself here. I don't care if posting stupid photos of myself makes me have less viewers or comments. This is real life, people. Be honest.
I had some pretty sweet comments about my Chevron Banksia (THANK YOU!), including from Megan Nielson herself... which totally floored me. How cool is it for the pattern designer to tell you how much she loves the version you made? Yep, it was SO cool. I wasn't expecting it. It was fun. Like mail on a rainy day.
But, let's talk about how this photo shoot really went down. Not well. The truth is that when I signed onto this whole "blogging thing", I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I truly enjoy making my own clothes, especially when they are fun. What I did NOT realize was that I would have to pose, and have photos taken of myself in them for others to view. I mean, technically, I don't HAVE to share with you here, but I do want you to see them, and I do want you to be inspired to create, so if that means sharing with you photos of myself, then so be it.

With that said, getting photos taken of yourself modeling can be weird. The older I'm getting the less direct attention I want being drawn to myself. It's a weird balance. Maybe only other sewing bloggers will understand... I don't know.

Now, let's be honest here... usually I don't even really style my hair.

LOOK AT my hair!!!! It looked HORRIBLE in the back. That's because I rarely spend more than 10 minutes on it. 
Seriously... good thing I sat on the back row at church that day, because where the heck were the hair fashion police before I left the house? I obviously forgot to look at the back. I could have sworn I'd straightened that back section. NOPE!

The other thing is that my husband takes pictures of EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. He literally holds the camera up and just clicks it a hundred times non-stop. Then, hands it back to me and says, "Here you should have 4 or 5 that are okay enough." Thank you, dear husband. I really am thankful, and because he knows he's a shaky dslr taker, he overcompensates, so I eventually do get the few I do need. But really... I have to weed through photos like this... 

Another fact... my mom, a dance teacher, used to make me play, "Run, Stop, Model" as a child. Think green light, red light for kids, but instead, "Run! Stop! Model!" And I'd hit some fancy dance pose. It's on video. Real fact, people.

So part of this whole "posing" for you people is natural for me, but part of it is still weird, and sometimes I just get embarrassed that I'm taking photos of myself in something that I made
That is me trying to ignore that my husband is still taking a million pictures of me at this point, and trying to regain some composer/figure out how I should "model" next.
The light was just so bright. Blue eyes and sun... can be rough.

I like taking photos on Sunday, because generally I can wear what I've made that week to church (if it's for me) and there are several pretty old crazy buildings around our church, which makes for some cool photos like this one...

I'm learning to try to choose neat scenery, so I don't feel like I'm sticking out like a sore thumb and to give you some visual interest outside of my clothing.

The other, deeper issue is that when it comes down to it, I just don't care about clothes. I don't want me posting items I'm wearing make you think that I do. I honestly don't. I just like making them. The main thing I care about is where you are at before God. Do you love him? Do you seek him? Or do your idols run your life? I know how easy it is to get lead astray by thinking that the people's blogs you read are real and you lose track of what's really important. That's me. Every. Single. Day. Praise God for his grace.

Be careful people. Blogs are the "best" of people. Sometimes I wish I could filter everything that comes out of my mouth through my blog, then maybe I'd be a nicer person.
Now back to this crazy photo shoot. When I have absolutely NO idea what else to do, I just smile and cheese it up for the camera. I figure you can't go wrong with that. And listen, sewing bloggers, no more "headless" creature photos, m'kay? And you know what I mean...
The ones where you don't show your face.

Listen... .be proud of who God made you! I know I love you for being you!

Now, if you have come here to actually see the good pictures of me wearing this shirt... go here.