Friday, November 2, 2012

The 20 Minute Rule

Today, my life really did look something like this.

Even though, the above photo was actually taken last winter, we still have plenty of days where I'm dealing with a screaming toddler.

Somewhere one time, in some parenting book, which I've now forgotten, I remember that the mama that wrote this particular book mentioned the "20 minute rule".

The premise of the 20 minute rule is that when your life looks absolutely CRAZY, and you all know what I mean... your kids are running around screaming crying, dinner's boiling over, someone got hurt, and the phone's ringing, no, make that the door bell with 5 neighbor kids wanting to swing; and you want to pull all your hair out... or at the very least go hide in a dark hole with ear plugs, and not come out for a long long time!

Simply look at the clock and say to yourself... in TWENTY minutes it won't be like this anymore.

You will be surprised how different it does really look in 20 minutes. You can do a lot in 20 minutes. And in 20 minutes things can actually become calm again. Not always, but usually.

Today, I found myself doing this over and over again and it really was amazing how different things can be just 20 minutes later.