Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Toddler Bed Rail Slipcover Tutorial

The with big boy transition comes the toddler bed rail ugliness! I'm here to tell you this does NOT have to be. You can make it CUTE by covering it with coordinating fabric to compliment their room, and even monogram it with their initials! The most difficult part of this tutorial is sewing on the velcro, and if you can sew a square, then I promise you can do this!
I don't care if you have a plain white bed rail or one with elmo.... bed rails (in my humble opinion) are completely necessary, but so ugly left alone. While I have seen some cute ones made like bookshelves on pinterest, the majority of us probably have these kinds....why not make it cute to match their bed?

Let's check that before again...
And the awesome AFTER!
Yes, I think so. "Goodbye, Elmo!" Now, I know you may be thinking, "Oh, that poor kid. I bet he's sad that Elmo is gone." Nope, Cai actually helped me make this and he loves LOVES his zig zags!

So, let's get started! You will need: 

-Fabric (Depending on how wide/long you bedrail is, you may want to order 1 - 2 yards. I honestly don't know exactly how much I used. I had 2 yards of this Premier Prints Red Chevron that is 54'' in width). I still have enough left over to make throw pillows for his bed, so I think a yard would do it if it was wider than 45''.
-Velcro (Again I hoard craft supplies, so I had one long strip that I cut into 4, 3 inch pieces, so 12'' of velcro, non-stick kind)
-Bed Rail

First, fold your fabric in half. Lay your fabric out flat and put your bed rail on top. Trace around your bed rail giving yourself a 1'' seam allowance around the top areas. Basically, just draw your shape at least 1'' away from your bed rail. Then, cut your fabric along the fold. You can see that I had drawn my chalk line underneath and then decided to just cut along the fold.

Cut your bedrail shape out from your fabric. You will have two pieces and now you need to hem the bottom half of these pieces (non-curved edge). To do this, fold 1/2'', then 1'' again, wider than typical hems, so we have a nice place to sew our velcro onto. Using an iron, iron 1/2'' down, then fold over to enclose raw edge, and iron again.
Sew your straight across with a straight stitch.
Once hemmed, put your two pieces, right sides together. Your toddler can help with this part. Cai actually hands me pins and helps "put them in." It takes longer this way, but I don't mind!
Sew from the bottom edge around the top curves, to the other side. Then, try your slip cover on to make sure you don't need to adjust it somehow. Adjust if necessary. While it is on your bed rail, take your pins and mark where you will sew on your 3'' velcro pieces.
Make sure you pin your velcro on like this, so they overlap when closed.
Sew your velcro down by sewing a square around it. Repeat for all velcro pieces.

 And you have a toddler bed rail slipcover!

You could also add some piping, if you know how to sew piping around the top edge or go with a monogram.

I hope you all enjoyed that, and as always! If you make something from one of my tutorials, please upload it to the DBS flickr group! Thanks so much!

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