Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best of Fall: O + S "dragon" mittens

***This blog post originally appeared over at the amazing Caila of Caila Made's Best of Fall Pattern Series! Every little boy needs some dragon mittens, right?!***

Hi! I'm Vanessa from Designs By Sessa! I'm a sewing/craft blogger that loves to sew, make, and do for God's glory! I'm so happy to be on Caila's blog! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! We've only been friends for a few months, but I seriously feel like I found someone after my own heart in her! I know if I flew to Cali (which I will do one day) to meet her, that I'd find a true friend. I'm so thankful to the Lord for her! For her emails, texts, and phone calls that lift me up exactly when I need it!

While I live 3,000 miles in the opposite direction from Caila, we have pretty similar weather, except for a few colder cold months here in SC where everyone needs.... MITTENS!
I've only been sewing things you could wear since last fall, but I found out quickly that on cold mornings or cold days when you want to go on a stroller walk, those babes need toasty warm mitts and they are so easy to sew! While I have made my own tutorial on how to make simple baby mittens (pictured top right), my go to pattern for mittens is found in one of my favorite sewing books, Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.

This mitten pattern is deemed "easy" with just one "scissor" difficulty level. The first pair I made were for my niece last fall. I love the endless combinations with your choice of wool felt or fleece and ribbon.

I knew I wanted to be prepared this year when my son needed some mittens. I had just ONE tiny problem. I knew he wouldn't wear them for long. At 2, they needed to be practical and warm, but also FUN for them to last. That's when my thought went to making him some "puppet" mittens. If we could make them "ROAR!" We would probably be good!

To make these awesome dragon mittens check out the photos below when adjusting your O + S mitten pattern. All you need is some different colors of felt. My felt is from Purl Soho... this felt is unbelievable, but pricey, but unbelievable in quality!  
Button eyes, felt spikes, and some teeth made these perfect for my sweet boy.
 This time around, I left off the ribbon, and hid the elastic inside. It worked well for a boy.
To add the elastic inside, I sewed them right sides together on one side (like the directions in the book say), then stretched my elastic as much as I could as I sewed across the INSIDE. Also, I increased my stitch length to 4.0 as I was sewing.
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And believe it or not, someone dumped out  some ice we had the smallest patch of snow, so I took some pictures of it... lol
My inspiration for these mittens came from Martha and Mme Zsazsa

Thanks so much for having me, Caila!