Saturday, December 29, 2012

DBS Superlatives 2012

I really love reading blog superlatives! Thanks, Carolyn for helping me be motivated on this! I think it's a fun way to wrap up the year! I thought I'd have more time to "Finish What I Started" in 2012, but then, I landed a new part-time job unexpectedly to me, and I've been really focused on getting used to my new position at Creative Sewing!

My Most Worn:
My Chevron Banksia, pattern by Megan Nielson, is absolutely my most favored item in my closet, even above store bought clothing. I feel like I can vary it in lots of ways to make it cute, and I love that it's knit and super comfortable while still feeling stylish.

Cai's Most Worn:
Definitely the cropped jersey baggies that I made for him this summer. Even though it's cold right now, they were worn constantly this summer, and definitely a favorite for both of us (and you!).

Hart's Most Worn:
Well that was easy... I only made him one actual dress item this whole entire year! And that was this Negroni by Colette. He's loved it this Fall/Winter, and has worn it on lots of occasions since it's a nice warm flannel.

Most Asked to Make/Sell for others AND Most Likely to Melt This Mama Heart:
 The Matching Father/Son Flannels were labors of love, but for anyone out there that wants to make some money... try making Father/Son matching shirts. I've gotten lots of emails to do it, but you'd have to pay me like $300 for a set, at least for me to do this for you. LOL! Probably not worth it. They were made to "Melt My Mama Heart". And for our Christmas Card. (Cai's pattern was the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt pattern)

My Least Worn:

I refashioned a button down to become this summer top. I actually really did like it, but I forgot to wash the red bias tape separately and it bled onto the men's button down after the first wash. I could never completely get it out, and that was pretty much that.

Cai's Least Worn:
 I made Cai this Toddler Sleep Sack. I don't think he even wore it once that I can remember. I think I was thinking that it would keep him from climbing out of his crib, but then I didn't like that he couldn't move around if he wanted to. It's still hanging in his closet brand-new.

READER #1 Favorite Tutorial:
Carla's Hooded Towel Tutorial tops the charts as the most favored link on this blog! It's a great, easy to follow, cute hooded towel tutorial. It doesn't surprise me one bit! :) My friend, Carla, was the one that taught me the basics on a machine to sew, and I'm grateful she let me take photos of her making this towel to post on the blog! It is well loved by you all!

Runner Up READER Favorite Tutorial:
Naomi's little outfit here is the 2nd Top reader favorite this last year. I mean who can blame you? Those hand-made jeggings, Oliver + S Sailboat Skirt from Amy Butler fabric, and that Child Ruffle Scarf? I sure can't!

Most Pinned Party:
I made the mistake of pinning the Engagement Party that I helped throw for my brother and his fiance. I've gotten seriously too many emails to count on this one. I think that every engaged girl has pinned it for various reasons.

MY biggest Craft Fail (that was blogged):
I realize this vest looks okay in these photos, but it really is not in real life. I used embroidery thread to sew it together, because I had ran out of white thread. BAD idea for an article of clothing to be worn. I stuffed it with stuffing, and couldn't even do normal button holes on it. It's a piece of crap in my opinion. I had transformed it from a white sheet, tried my first hand at hand-dying (which I actually don't like I discovered!), and designed this vest. I'm sure if the design was modified it could be nicer, but I consider it a fail since it has hardly ever been worn, but for these photos. My other craft fails included me trying to make myself an Easter dress this last year, and trying to revamp a dress I found at a thrift store. Both did not turn out and I never even blogged about them. Whoops!

My 2012 Blogging Reflection:

This year has been incredible, as far as learning a lot more about myself. I went from "just discovering" this whole Blog World to being an active & contributing member in it. I made tons of blog friends all over the country. I sewed my butt off (because I wanted to!), worked with some pretty amazing companies for the first time, and also learned that there's a blog balance that's a must for me to have. Now, as this year has come to a close, and my first "REAL" year of blogging is ending, I can say that I'm becoming more focused in where I want blogging to take me and how the style that I want to blog in.

God allowed me to land a job working at a local fabric store where I will be using my blogging skills to start a blog for them in 2013, as well as, gain valuable knowledge in the sewing industry, in addition to the fun aspects of working in a sewing store getting to help customers with my passion. I'm getting to take "ALL OF THIS" and do it in other ways in 2013.

In ways, I feel like this blog was a bit schizophrenic this last year as I was trying to find my place where I fit in. Looking back, I spent time in places that could have been better in other areas of life and in other areas of sewing. I admit that I cared way too much about what other people thought of me, so much so, that I've had to take steps back to make sure I'm finding my worth in Christ alone. But at the same time, I have discovered more of what I want 2013 to look like on this blog. Less "commercially" and more "me", for one thing! I'm planning more quality wardrobe pieces to sew for MYSELF in 2013, and less "in between blogging", but shifting to more "quality" blog posts. Less is more in so many ways, and I think it will be true right here, as well.

It's been an amazing year. I'm truly thankful for all of you out there that have read this blog, commented, encouraged me, prayed for me, and held me up when I needed it. God has been so good to me! I thank you guys big time!
My Most Worn Shorts
Here's to 2013!