Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Foldover Clutch: Customized 2 ways

Don't you guys just love clutches? Little fabric clutches for your essentials are a must! Always trendy, always fun, and fast to make. If you are running around looking for last minute gift ideas, I recommend making a little clutch for the she-she in your life. 

I just recently made Kristin's, from Skirt as Top, Foldover Doily Clutch. It's a zippered clutch, but she walks you through adding the zipper (if you're scared) and it's so easy, you will wonder why you never did zippers! I promise you, they are just like sewing normal seams! Mine is a little fun ikat version that uses Amy Butler's Midnight Kasbah Blue fabric. I wanted to keep it terribly!  Especially since it matched these shorts!

Then, just recently I attended a Favorite Things Party where you bring 4 of your favorite things and by the end of the party you end up with 4 different favorite things that other people brought. My favorite things are "fabric and thread" but instead of just giving those items "raw" and risk them falling to those who do not sew, I just used my items and made 4 clutches to give out. I think they were well received.
The lace version is my favorite!

I'm going to go through some quick little changes of how you could customize some little Foldover Clutches. 

CUTTING: All versions, cut 14'' x 10 '' twice. You will need a lining fabric and an exterior fabric. One of those should be a heavier weight fabric (home dec, canvas, denim) to give it some sturdiness. If using two very lightweight fabrics, use a piece of heavyweight interfacing between the layers. If doing the lace verision cut one piece of lace 10 x 14'', as well.

This section will walk you through the basic construction of making the clutch, but it also shows how to add the lace overlay. After fabric is cut. Place lace piece over your exterior fabric and keep these two fabrics together. You could baste them if you feel like they are moving all over the place. Turn your exterior fabric and your lining fabric right sides together and pin around the exterior. Your lace piece should be in the middle.
Sew around the perimeter and leave a 3 inch opening somewhere along the side, so that you can turn this out. Basically you are sewing a little pillow, essentially right now.
Turn right side out through opening. Clip corners diagonally, so they are pointy when you turn. Trim to 1/4'' around the edges. Tuck the frayed edges under towards the inside and sew around the perimeter closing this hole up as you sew.
Next iron flat and fold the bottom 1/3 up. Pin sides. And sew the two sides down. While the top flap is open, add your button hole to the middle center. Sew your button to the bottom where you want your upper flap to button.

 If you would like to make the ribbon closure tie, you will need to make two button holes, wide enough for your ribbon to fit through.
To add the ribbon, pin your ribbon down in the center and slowly work around sewing a little square, being sure not to sew over your fabric. You could also do this step BEFORE you sew down the two sides.
Sew a little square where you have your pin to secure your ribbon down. Note, you should have two button holes next to each other at least 1/2'' apart. I added another one after this photo. I also have the most trouble sewing button holes on this cheetah print than all the rest.... no judging, please. lol

Tie in a bow and TA-DA! You've got a cute little bow clutch!

To make curved edges for your uppper flap, follow these steps before you sew your interior and exterior fabrics right sides together. Grab something with a rounded edge like a bowl or a coaster. Trace around it on both upper corners with a pen or chalk and cut. As you sew, sew around this curved seam.

And there you have a couple different ways to customize the typical foldover non-zip clutch! They are quick and easy. I made all 4 of these super fast, which is probably why my sewing was a bit sloppy, ha!

Happy sewing makes a happy heart! Enjoy!