Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday and I'll dance if I want to! Dance if I want to! You would dance to if it happened to yooooou! 

That was me dancing and singing if you didn't already know....

Guess what I made myself this 27th birthday? Na-Na-NOTHING... wanna know why?
Because I've probably already made myself ENOUGH! Jeez louise.... why don't you, people stop my creating addiction? I may need an intervention, because that is just sewing for ME this last year.

Shh! I don't even think that's the complete "list" from this last year either. 

Anywho... you have probably gotten to know pieces of me this last year. How about some more fun facts maybe you wouldn't "know" yet!?

1. Surprise, surprise! I am a "Christmas" baby. My mom almost named me "noel". PTL she did not.
2. I am OCD about my kitchen sink. I even wipe out the water spots (thanks to FlyLady) and have a hard time sleeping if the dishes are not done completely the night before.
3. I like a clean house. It annoys me when stuff is everywhere it shouldn't be.
4. I do not have a colon (large intestine). Search for "my story" on this blog if that just freaked you out.
5. My wedding anniversary is exactly one day before my birthday, which is 4 days before Christmas. We call it "Annibirthmas" week around here. It's quite the tradition and one huge week long party.
6. I have very dry skin. I have to put on lots of lotion or I am an aligator. My new favorite is home-made "badger balm" which is beeswax and olive oil mixed and melted. It's amazing stuff!
7. I have bins of fabric stored under my bed, in my closet, and in my dining china cabinet. Not kidding. I just possibly should be on the show "horders" for fabric. Eventually this will annoy me though and I will get rid of most of it.
8. I like mint chocolate chip anything. My favorite is ice cream. I would eat it every night, but I don't always buy it that often, due to this slight problem.
9. I am a messed up sinner. Without Jesus I would be nowhere.
10. I have to force myself to "play" with Cai. When we are playing power rangers, I usually end up organizing all his toy bins without thinking about it, and then realize that wasn't really playing, so then I try to mentally act like a power ranger so he thinks I am cool. "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
11. I am a very loyal friend. I am a "friend" to whoever I meet, but I have very few BFFs and sisters at heart.
12. I am terrible at remembering other people's birthdays. It took me almost 3 years to really remember my husband's birthday. Due to this, I almost always send cards late or make presents AFTER the fact. It's like I don't remember UNTIL the person's birthday. People that are close to me don't hold it against me.
13. I can sew pretty fast. Especially now with a serger. I'm sorry to brag, it's just true.
14. Sometimes I feel like I'm the vainest person on the planet, because I have a blog. In real life, I don't actually show off everything I make. Okay, that's a lie. Maybe I need to work on being more humble, like Jesus.
15. We only have one car. It's amazing that we've survived for several months this way. We are very thankful for the people in our lives who have loaned us extra vehicles when we need it. We try to stay debt free as much as possible. Hence, we only have one car until we can save enough for a newer one.
16. I am a night owl. I would rather stay awake later than wake up early. I've tried to change this, because morning people get more done. I am convinced it will never happen.
17. As of writing this I do not have an iphone. This will change in January due to my husband's job needing to change our plan, but you should know that I'd rather give $40 extra to help starving children every month than raise my already expensive cell phone bill. This is a serious battle in my heart of reasons why I don't want and iphone. Reasons I do: include organization and instagram. My friends all tell me I'd love instagram... who knows. I probably will.
18. When I was in the 7th grade, I was a flyer for the cheerleading squad. Some of the girls dropped me and I fell and got hurt. My coach and all the girls huddled around me and she patted my stomach to see if I was okay. I farted out loud. (enough said).
19. I often times think of things in my head and then just blurt out whatever I am thinking, as if, my husband or someone around me actually heard what I was thinking. My bff in high school said she finally learned to speak "Vanessa's language". My husband thinks it's pretty hilarious and now that I sound absolutely insane, I'll stop right there. 
20. I can tap dance fairly well.
21. My husband says that I snore sometimes in the night. I don't believe him. 
22. I slept with my baby pillow between my knees until I was 20 years old until it got wrapped up in the sheets by some nurse tech and lost at Duke Hospital. I still sleep with a pillow between my knees, but it's just not the same.
23. I'm really terrible at remembering famous people's names and song lyrics. I just make up my own songs usually to the same tunes. 
24. My husband thinks I'm funny. I'm not sure I really am.
25. I am the firstborn child and only girl in my family, except for my step-sister who I didn't live with growing up. Because of this, I'm very girly and also a perfectionist. I'm very hard on myself when I don't do things well.
26. I'm a tree-hugging-hippie at heart. I pick out items out of our trash can that my husband just "throws away" that should be recycled. A part of me dies a little when people don't recycle.
27. It's my birthday and I'll dance if I want to! Dance if I want to! You would dance to if it happened to yooooou!