Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Sweet 4 years, my love!

I am thankful for my sweet husband and that we've known each other for 7 years, married for 4. Marriage has been wonderful with this man. He's my love and always will be.

He's got lots of little surprises planned throughout the day today that I don't know about! Can't wait!!! He already gave me our anniversary gift, which was a blown up canvas of the dipping photo from our wedding (top). I had told Hart that on our wedding day, I would love it if he would just grab me and dip me sometime. With how busy the day was, I had completely forgotten about this tiny request. We were about to run through all of our friends on a bridge holding sparklers leaving our reception for our honeymoon, and right before, he grabbed me and dipped me, and kissed me. It's my most favorite ever, because no one was expecting it, and it was like our little moment right before it all ended.

I'm thankful that he's always this thoughtful. I love you, my love!