Thursday, December 13, 2012


I really really really really miss you people! I miss talking about sewing with people that "get sewing". I miss all the comments coming in my email daily. I miss interacting with my blog friends, and miss writing out my thoughts. I'm breaking my rules here by even filling you guys in on some details, but hey, they are my rules. I think 13 days without blogging here has to be some kind of record.

I went a good week strong without reading blogs, checking my email every 5 seconds, and I let it all go. I woke up the day after I'd emailed out asking some blog friends if they'd like to post some projects for Finish What You Start in 2012, and the first thing I heard from the Lord was that I needed to "quit".

But, Lord, how can I quit when I just declared I've got to finish what I've started? I knew what he meant though.

I had to quit checking my email, reading countless blogs, and spending my time in things that in an eternal mindset didn't really matter. I had to quit thinking of how everything could be "a blog post".

And for the most part, I have. I've had some really strong urges to write. I've missed WRITING. It has surprised me, actually. I didn't realize how much this blog was that outlet for me, not even the sewing part, just the avenue to express my creative thoughts. I think more of this needs to come out here.

God has allowed me to see places where I should/shouldn't be spending my time. He has opened up some REALLY cool things that I wasn't expecting, that maybe I wouldn't have seen had I not slowed down.

LIKE... the fact that I walked into my favorite fabric store to just buy serger thread and the next thing I knew I was sitting down talking to the owner getting offered a job (which may include getting to blog AT WORK!) Not to mention that this particular fabric store carries amazing designer fabric like Amy butler, Moda, Michael Miller, Riley Blake and on an on and on...

More on that later though.

I won't lie. Besides all God is doing in me and in my heart, I do actually kind of miss getting to just show you guys what I've been up to in the sewing realm... like today, making this sweater mini skirt to wear to a Christmas party.
Seriously, just a sweater chopped off at the arm pits, serged down the sides, and inserted an elastic waistband. It took me 30 minutes. Also, 2nd project I've done this week with my new serger my daddy bought me for Christmas!

And that's all the "tease" you get from hearing from me right now. I'm going to go crawl in bed next to my love and thank God for him.
 I hope you guys are slowing down this Christmas season and enjoying each other and the reason for the season: Christ Jesus!