Saturday, December 15, 2012

Roll Top Desk Makeover

Way back in August, I gave you a sneak peak at our *new* roll top desk.
 And....I'm finally here to deliver on that promise.... See... finish what you start in 2012 is awesome.

Way way way back in July, I realized that we would need to start moving around furniture in our home to get ready for Baby Beloved. Our guest room/music room/office/craft space all had to be moved. The only problem was that as much as I loved our roll top desk given to me by my dad, it did not match the rest of my home's decor in the main part of my home.

It looked something like this:
 (This is actually not our desk, just very very similar... I forgot to take a before photo!!! This desk came from this pin).

So now that you have that big honkin' piece of wood desk in your mind, let me show you the transformation to how our desk now looks: 

Pretty amazing, right? 

Well, not if you are my grandpa, who wanted to skin my tush for painting it. Oopsy daisy. 

I cannot even say how much I love it now, and it's going to be in my house for possibly forever, because of how much I love it. It's so fresh, modern, and beautiful painted. I love the stark glossy finish to the desk top and the pure white loveliness of the rest of the desk matched with the zinc cup pulls.

For the most part, when you walk right in my home into our living room from the foyer, you see our roll top desk first. I love that it makes such a statement!
And that I can close the top down if I need to hide stuff.

However, THIS WAS NOT AN EASY PROJECT!!!! Let me make that clear for whoever in the world thinks you can easily do this in a weekend. NOPE! It took us a long time, but we were also very busy and it was blazing hot. The whole desk had to come apart and put back together. It really was quite the project.
 We were not pros at refinishing this desk and there are flaws, but tiny flaws that we can live with.

Like: It took a ton of oiling to be able to roll the desk down and up. The thickness of the paint made that very tricky. Honestly there were moments when we really did think we'd ruined the whole desk, but thankfully, WD40 is amazing stuff and after chiseling the groove and using that stuff, we finally got it to work up and down without too much struggle.

We still have some tiny touch ups to do, but overall this project is DONE and can be scratched off my list. Hooray!