Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweater Mini Skirt DIY Tutorial

Have you seen how cute these sweater mini skirts are? Really, they are easy peasy cheesy to make.


But, let's chat about how I got the most amazing gift ever.... a serger from my Daddy for Christmas. It is changing my sewing completely for the better. I got a Brother 1034D. It was highly recommended and is under $200. I'd read what everyone said... that this is a solid one for the $ and if you are thinking of taking the plunge, then you should just do it. I'm very very thankful for this gift! I've wanted one for a year, at least. It's a huge blessing with how much I sew!

I'm going to be one of "those" bloggers now that does all her sewing tutorials with a serger and completely make you jealous. Sorry! But don't be jealous. It will happen for you if you really want one, too.

SO, before you get too sad, you really could/can do this without a serger. A serger just makes it like 10 x easier. That's just fact.

You will need:
-a sweater, the tighter it is the more fighted it will be to you.
-enough elastic to fit around your waist
-all your sewing stuff

To start, get your sweater. I just happened to have this in my pile of give-away.
 Cut straight off across the front/back at the arm pits. Notice how I cut up a little bit and around each arm pit.
 Next, you want to turn your skirt with right sides together (inside out) and sew from the top down to the side making it as straight as you can and gently guiding your seam down to meet the edge of the sweater sewn seam.

If you try this on at this point and notice any puckering along the side seam, take it in where it puckers, and sew again straighter. It should not pucker at all.  Then, finish your edges with a zig zag stitch. Sew down with the zig zag, then flip it over and sew one more zig zag over the last seam. This will ensure that you've finished the raw edges. And of course, just serge if you have a serger once.

  Repeat on the other "arm pit side". If you have a serger, serge around the top edge of the new "waist". If you do not have a serger, then skip this. I will show you how to tuck under your edge for your waistband casing in a second.
No serger? Fold over the top edge of your fabric 1.5'' and tuck under 1/4'' and pin.
Set your machine to a stretch stitch and a longer stitch length of 4.0 - 5.0.
 This will ensure that you can pull it up over your booty and not break the stitches. Insert two pins vertically to show you where to start and stop, leaving a 2 inch opening. Sew your casing down. If not using a serger, you will not see the raw edge, it should be folded and pinned. Remove pins as you sew, of course.
Wrap your elastic around you and cut off where you feel it's tight, but comfortable. Then, thread your elastic through your casing.
Once through the other side, sew your elastic ends together, and close up that opening.
And you're done!
 Now, remember ladies... modest is hottest when wearing your skirt. Be decent! It's really cute over leggings... just sayin'. 

How easy was that? I told you... easy peasy cheesy. Uh, huh!
Now, go thrift a crazy sweater and make one! But if you do, throw it in the DBS flickr group! Have fun!