Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Beloved's" Room Progress

{In case you are new around here, we are currently adopting domestically through DSS. It feels slow going, but most adoptions do (or so I hear!) We call our next child Beloved, as a nickname that we feel was given from God. I love having a name. It's a promise for me from the Lord that they really will come eventually. We are a family by faith.}

Today, we spent the day painting what will be Beloved's bedroom. This space used to be our multi-purpose room (office/music studio/craft space) and I have slowly been transforming it to a child friendly bedroom, meaning relocating all of those multi-purpose items to other areas of our home; which is hard, because our home is only around 1300 square feet. We are making it work! Although, I was spoiled being able to have a whole room prior for sewing stuff and now I'm in the dining room! Boo!

Here's where we started today:

And where we ended up:

Isn't that sweet?! I'm excited about it all coming together. It's my little work in progress! I will do a full room update with non-iphone photos when I am completely finished. I'm still working on what should go on the walls and need to have the mirror installed on the dresser again, curtains hung, etc. But for now, it's fresh, and clean, and organized. DSS could call me tomorrow with our child and I would be ready (so to speak!)

We had a lot of fun painting!
I mixed 3 different cans of paint together to get our gray. I am very thankful that we had enough and that it wasn't a weird funky gray in the end! I really just went into it blindly, which isn't always smart! I'm thankful it worked out!

Fun! Fun!