Sunday, January 27, 2013

DBS Spring Collection - Lace Washi Tunic

I can't hold out any longer. I've got the majority of my planned pieces for my Spring Wardrobe complete, and I'm not going to hold onto them in secret any more! My Sewing Resolution at the beginning of this month was to "Boost my own Wardrobe!" I've been purposed in sewing for myself, because out of all 3 of us in this household, I'm the one that needs it more than my boys. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy making fun stuff to wear, and since I made it, I appreciate it!

First up is my version of the Washi pattern by Made By Rae.
This is how I styled my top for church on Sunday.
I fell in love with this Anna Maria Horner voile at work. It's from her Little folks line. I loved the tribal aspect, and if you look closely there are little dragon flies, not that I care much about dragon flies. Ha!
My favorite part is the lace addition to the bottom with a knot on the side. This was actually my gramie's curtain before.
This washi was not without it's issues during my sewing process. I made 4 muslins and I still didn't get the fit spot on. I did have dart issues. I cut the Medium (1st muslin too small around the arm holes for me). Muslin 2 & 3 had problems due to the darts and being WAY pointy no matter how I sewed them.  4th muslin, I really thought I had to right, but I just need a pinch here and there bigger around the bust. Now, it fits, but I feel sort of restricted in my movement. I made a Large, but honestly feel like I need an XL, or at least a large front and and XL. Overall, it's fine though, so we are okay.
It was my first time shirring. I thought the instructions were well written guiding me through!
Overall, I'm super pleased.