Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where I work: Creative Sewing Machine Center

I've mentioned here and there that I got a "dream" part-time job working at a fabric store here in Columbia, SC. It happened so fast and it really was so exciting and I jumped full in that I haven't had much time to talk about it here on the blog! Hart and I prayed about it and felt like this was the perfect fit for me. It was hard taking a job when we are in the middle of this adoption, but we decided to trust that God's timing would be perfect. I work 2, sometimes 3, days per week, and for the most part, it's coming natural to me, just like sewing. I had one rough day last week, where I missed Cai terribly, but I think we are adjusting okay, and I really am home the majority of the week with him. AND he's with his grandma's each day, or daddy, so it's not like I'm farming him out. Do you see the types of things I have to tell myself to feel better? lol! No, it really is a good thing for all of us!

One of the main reasons I was hired was for boosting their online presence by starting a blog, and updating their website. I'm still working on those things, so I'm not quite ready to link up, but I thought you guys would like to see my place of employment in photos!

Here's the whole store view from the front door.
 It's really quite large. Creative Sewing is a dealer for Babylock, Bernina, and Viking. They really do sell the best. I've been learning my way around all these machines. It's been a lot of fun getting to "test drive" them!

I love our fabric selection. My boss, Mrs. Peggy,  carries fabulous designer fabrics. It's really fun.

And the thread department's not too shabby either.

More than anything, the people I work with are really fun. I'm one of the "young chickens", but I enjoy getting to gain valuable knowledge from my more experienced peers! They really are teaching me so much!

Also, this past week, I got my first work-related sewing project to sew at work.
I had never heard of Sister's Common Thread before regarding patterns, so this has been new to me to sew up, but it's a diaper changing pad/purse! I'll show you the finished product when I'm done!
Since I was working with cloth diaper fabric, I got to use this amazing dual feed foot for the Babylock Crescendo. It has a belt that helps push the fabric through. It's similar, but different to your typical walking foot, in that it doesn't have little teeth which grab your fabric, but instead rolls it through under it's belt system. Cool beans, huh?

There are moments when I feel crazy figuring out a new job, being a stay-at-home to now part-time working mommy, that's adopting, and juggling finding time to sew, and clean, and cook, but that's life. God put this job in my path for a reason, and I'm thankful he's there for me when I need it most! I hope you enjoyed this little glance into my new life, and if you're in Columbia ever, come stop in to see us!