Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today was a FUN work day on many different levels for me. It was the first day where I felt like "I belong here." The first day where I felt like I contributed in major ways. And that is a good feeling, friends.

When I started working, I was through the roof ecstatic that I would be working in a local fabric store. I couldn't believe that God had opened up that opportunity for me.

But, it's always tough in a new job where you have tons of ideas and you are balancing that with how things operate within a store, and juggling where you fit in, what's expected, and not to mention, leaving your 2 year old for 9 hours at a time when you are used to leaving them at most for 2 hours at a time, period.  It was an adjustment.

In some ways working at a store was WAY different than I thought it would be. The "honeymoon" phase wore off after the first month, and I was left thinking in some tiny ways, "What was I thinking!? I had it made in the shade not working and staying home!"

I actually cried at work one day, because I missed Cai, and I just was struggling was this "REALLY" where God wanted me. Wasn't being his mommy most important? Was I not doing the right thing?

But, today, I just felt like things fell into place and I knew my answer.  I'm part of a bigger thing here, and I'm supposed to be here. It's what God wants.

And to be honest, Cai is flourishing in our new routine! While we miss each other terribly, Cai had SO much separation anxiety as a baby and young toddler! It's been so neat to see how he's grown with mommy being away a little more, gaining independence, and getting the influence weekly of both of his grandmother's! I can tell he loves them and wants to be with them, too, and it's such a special time for them. I'm glad he's developing stronger and better relationships with them, and not to mention his daddy time bonding, if I work a Saturday for a few hours! He's doing great 1 day a week at his little preschool. I just couldn't ask for more!

I've started working on the Creative Sewing blog website, with my husband's help, of course! And it's almost up and running, and I'm so excited about it and what it will mean for our store!

I was offered two different teaching opportunities today. One where I got to load the ENTIRE and I mean ENTIRE Designer's Gallery embroidery and digitizing software set on my laptop so that I can begin learning those computer software programs to eventually teach classes on them at work. Babylock makes Designer's Gallery Embroidery Software and it's amazing software that also costs several thousand dollars altogether! So I was through the roof excited about this work opportunity!

And another teaching opportunity where I can teach my own sewing classes! These types of things really get me excited, because I love sharing my passion for sewing with others. I taught my Sew Classy Classes before on my own, and I'm excited I get to sort of pick that back up again in a couple months!

I do not say these things to boast in myself in any way. God is good and he is doing great things. He is using my sewing and these opportunities for him, and I'm so thankful!

Thanks for listening!