Saturday, February 23, 2013

Boy Belt DIY

Today I'm over at the wonderful Stacey's blog at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! for the Winter edition of Sew in Tune hosted by Stacey and Melly Sews! You can see my very lack of musically inspired outfit over there and some super cute photos of Cai IN this sweater, as well as all the pattern/sewing details!

I also did a tutorial on a Boy Belt DIY in the same outfit that Cai was wearing!
Today I'm going to do a sister post with a little more detail of how to do this Boy Belt DIY with larger photos and a tad bit more explanation!
You will need two belts about similarly sized. In this case, the blue/white belt was too large for Cai, so I found a similar sized belt with the hardware I needed in the pink belt. Both belts were thrifted for a couple dollars each. It's really easy to make a belt smaller and make the hardware switch! Let me show you how!

Grab these tools before we get started.*You will need your sewing machine later on, but it's one tiny little seam back and forth to secure, so don't be scared, if you are a beginner sewist!

Let's GO!

Pop the metal of the end off with a screw driver.
Save this for later.
Cut open the loop that secures the silver rings.
Cut off the belt from the buckle.
Now you have two free ends.
Grab a lighter and run the flame quickly over the ends to keep them from fraying. Be careful not to catch anything on fire, of course!
Attach your new hardware onto your new belt piece.

Use your pliers to squeeze those triangle teeth down on your new belt.
On the other end, loop your rings over your belt.
Sew this end down back and forth slowly to secure a couple times. I turned my izod hardware inward, so it wouldn't be seen in my outfit.
It's really that simple!!! I told you!
Now to read more about this little Sew In Tune ensemble, please click here!

Boy Belt Birds-eye view: