Sunday, February 10, 2013

DBS Spring Collection: Coral A-line mini (for me!)

This year I have been trying to push myself with sewing for me a little bit more. I've put together my first little "collection" for myself inspired by blues and corals, some stripes and grays, which I am seeing everywhere in stores right now! Yay! for being "with it" without meaning to, right? 

Last time I showed you my lace voile washi tunic.
Today, I'm going to show you my next favorite piece and that's a coral a-line mini skirt!
I kinda went a little country with it right here! LOL! (Funny story... I totally jumped out on the side of the road next to this old barn and my mom snapped this shot! We are crazy!)

I love a versatile skirt and this was an easy one to make with a simple waist band and invisible zipper closure.
I blind stitched the hem by hand, but since have completely figured out blind hemming on my machine, thankfully!
I loved the blue little statement button detail and thought it added a little something to the overall plain skirt. This was only my second invisible zipper ever, so I'm overall pleased with the results. It keeps getting better, but still isn't completely perfect yet! I really like the Colette Invisible Zipper video. I think it's wonderful at explaining them and is short and to the point! Hopefully I get even better next go!

I used the New Look 6843 (view C, shortened) pattern pieces, but then did my own thing... you know how that is, right? Obviously making adjustments to the length since that pattern is a pencil skirt knee length, so that mine is above the knee.

Next time, I'll show you this little fashion vest that I threw together with a quick self draft! Hope you are enjoying this! It took me several different occasions to actually get enough photos that I liked of myself to make this post! That's the hard part... being a blogger and wanting to share photos of my items, yet being in them myself! Blah-dee-blah-blah! Ha!