Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DBS Spring Collection: Make your own fashion vest

Sewing stuff for me needs to be quick and easy! This project is just that! You can make your own fashion vest really simply. Let me show you how!
I knew I wanted something with a racerback and also to have lots of drape across the front, so I could belt it or wear it over a t-shirt and have some versatility. I used the pattern pieces from MCCalls 6559 which was also used to make this tank tunic/beach cover up this past summer. I only used parts of the pieces of these patterns, and you could very well take a tank of your choice, fold it in half and trace around it giving yourself 1/2'' seam allowance if desired, but I got this pattern for $1. You can't beat that!

So...WHAT exactly do you need for this project?
 sorry....I'm silly like that
3/4 yard - 1 yard of fabric, depending on what you want your length to be. (mine is from the remnant bin at Hancock's)
limited sewing with knit skills, this is really that easy!
sewing supplies (ball point needle sewing with knit)
McCalls 6559 or your own tank to trace around

I used the back of McCalls 6559 (back EF) Cut this out.

I was working with 3/4 yard, so after I cut out the back piece. I folded the rest of my fabric in half and used Front piece 7. The equivalent to this would be to fold your tank in half and only cut out the arm pit and down the middle of your pattern. You want this to basically look like a giant rectangle, with the cut out of the armpit and cut in the center. Cut off any selvages and even up this big giant rectangle.

Next take your front and back armpit and line them up at the shoulder seams and the side seams and pin.
Change to a Ball point needle and adjust your stitch length to 5.0. Sew right sides together across the shoulder seams backstitching at either side to secure.

Sew down the side seams the same way. And you are done! I did not hem this vest at all. Jersey won't fray and I personally didn't care to have everything hemmed. Go right ahead and hem it if you want though! Won't hurt my feelings!

 Belt it!
Or wear it loose.

I hope you've enjoyed this little Spring Collection I've made for myself! You can check out my lace voile washi tunic and the coral a-line mini. Soon to come... my lace pocket banksia, some knot shorts, and one more top! Have you been sewing for yourself lately?