Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Talk This Sew Fab eSale again!

I have complete and selfish motivation for writing this post! If TWO of you, just 2 purchase this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G pattern bundle, then I get it for free!!! SO...if you've been unsure where you will purchase this bundle and aren't sure if you are going to pull the trigger yet, then I will say.... PLEASE purchase this through my BUY it now link below! I'd love to own EVERY SINGLE one of these patterns and it's not just myself that would enjoy them! YOU would have an arsenal of adorable children's patterns and some women's patterns or other cute patterns to enjoy, too! AND you'd get to save 80% off on all of these!!! There are only 2 days left, so if you are going to do it! BUY IT NOW!

Buy Now

Here's the thing... I just realized that MAYBE the reason I didn't have any sales yet (besides everyone and their mother blogging about this) is because all the BUY it now links in my last post did not work! How's that for trying to be a supportive AFFILIATE to these amazing designers who I love!!!! WOW... awesome job, Vanessa! LOL!

{So I really apologize if you tried to purchase this through my site and wasn't able to! It should be fixed! Please let me know if you don't get taken to the right thing this time. It should look like a pay-pal shopping cart. FYI!}

Now, let's see... I actually DO own one of these patterns already, which is the Forget Me Knot Dress by Me Sew Crazy! I love Jess and she actually gifted me this pattern, because she's just that sweet.

Remember I made it for my sweet neighbor girl. It made her so happy! I loved doing it! Another pattern that I would be so excited to get would be the Figgy's Banyan outfits!
And how cute is this MiMi Maxi Dress?
I see myself in this one this summer for sure! As well as this adorable commuter cowl by luvinthemommyhood!
Be sure to check out all the patterns for yourself sometime! There are lots of other cute patterns, including some pjs, some bags, dolls, and adorable dresses for little girls!

Buy Now

And don't forget to enter the giveaway! 2 DAYS people! 2 days!!!