Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DBS Sewing Space - my nook

I dream of having a whole room to myself for all my sewing stuff. A place I can shut the door on my mess. I used to have that, but we are currently working on converting it to a bedroom for our next {adopted} little Beloved. I always love seeing where others sew and what works for them, so I thought today I could share my tiny space with you!

Right now, I sew in our kitchen dining room. I say it that way, because in our 1300sq. foot house, we only have one place to eat. Our dining room is open to the kitchen which flows to the living room.
I've currently taken over the back little nook of our dining room. This means, I often use our dining room table and strive to keep my sewing area clean. It's tough, because I am creatively messy when it comes to sewing, but I love having the main portion of my home neat, so this means I have to plan to put things away when I am through. (This only happens half the time, if I'm completely honest!)
My mother in law found this neat little wicker desk on the side of the road. It was in rough shape, but I sanded and painted it and it is good as new! It's SO cute white.
I love the side shelves for storage! You see this shelf on a more regular basis, so I tend to keep it cuter than say, the other side (which only I can really see).
The top of the desk, holds my machines, both Brother's. Serger 1034D and Brother SE400 embroidery/sewing machine.
I glued clothes pins to a ribbon and often drape my measuring tape across this area, as well. I love clipping sketches of ideas, or other random things.
I've got this cute little built in china  sewing cabinet. Since I rarely used my beautiful china, I boxed it up for the attic until we move in a couple years to a different home (the plan). Right now, I've had to rethink what spaces I use for what and make them work for our needs.

Fabrics that I love or have used recently generally go to the bottom shelf to keep me inspired. The rest of my fabric is stored in bins in the bottom of my closet by type, or in 2 under the bed boxes under our bed. I have slightly taken over a shelf in our linen closet, and scraps tend to go into two baskets in in our hall built in. It's SO hard for me to let fabric and old clothes that could be reused go. Believe it or not, I sorted and threw out a trashbag full of random pieces that I didn't need yesterday. It's a work in progress for me to let things go when it comes to sewing! But I have to be realistic about how much to hold onto at the same time! I know you guys know this struggle, right?!?!

The lower portion holds works in progress and paper patterns. How do you organize your paper patterns? I need some ideas! :)

Lastly, I have a large dry erase board (also a side of the road find) that I redid here, hanging on the wall. I write lots of things from current bills, bible verses, and individual to-do lists on here. I keep my sewing projects and upcoming DIY projects on here to remind me what I should work on next.

Now... if you were me, what color would you paint that little corner built in? I've ALWAYS wanted to do something fun here, but I just get stuck on the color! I've gone from black (since I have a black and white theme going on to robin's egg blue). It would be fun to change it up! THOUGHTS!?

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little nook! I'd love to hear/see where you guys sew! Leave me a link or a comment! Thanks so much!