Sunday, March 3, 2013

Green Nani Iro Tunic -Briashi

I had SO much fun making this little tunic dress! With working so much lately, and not having quite as much time to sew (believe it or not, you probably sew LESS being surrounded by fabric and sewing machines all day), it is the result of some much needed personal sewing time!

I was SUPPOSED to be organizing my messy sewing stash which has quite aggressively taken over my dining room table, but then seeing this green knit laying on top of this Nani Iro fabric that my friend Kazuki sent me from Japan, it exploded into this dress in point 2 hours flat!
 While I did self-draft this, I believe you could call it a briashi (a mix between the Made by Rae's Washi and Megan Nielson Briar patterns), because I did not start from complete scratch. I used the washi front bodice and back, extending it several inches, leaving off facings, and turning it backwards to scoop in the back, hemming at the sleeves and neckline, and taking it in several inches at the sides. Then, I used the Briar sleeves. The dress is just 1 meter of fabric, which is a little over a yard, gathered and serged onto the upper bodice.
Do I kind of look like Mrs. Frizz from the magic school bus? lol Hart said that's what it reminded him of when he saw it at first laying on the table!!! LOL! All I know is that this tunic dress makes me REALLY happy when I look at it! For reals!