Friday, March 15, 2013

Make This Look Guest Post & $50 Photography Session!

My DSLR died about a month ago. It was second hand from second hand from my BFF who gave us an amazing deal on it, but as hard as I used it, it doesn't surprise me that it fizzled out. I could probably get it fixed through Canon, but a part of me almost just wants to put that money towards a newer camera that I know would last longer.

Today, I'm over at The Train To Crazy (or will be when the California sun comes up on the West coast! hehee!) for the Make This Look mini-series running on her blog! I cringed inside thinking that my outfit that I made would be photographed with iPhone photos. I do have an older camera, but my last little photo shoot with Cai proved that it was about the same as my iphone, and at least the iphone is slightly faster! Am I right?!

A quick "hey is ANYONE available to trade some publicity for photography" on facebook, yielded this amazing college student that's been on her own for the last 4 years that we used to to go church with, Kelly!

She started her business called PhotosOfGrace Photography and I am SO proud of her growing talents! She was so kind to meet me downtown Columbia and do my very own blog photo shoot! It was amazing having someibe say, "hey, put your hand here" or "look off that way" or "how about a serious face"! I loved her!
And I got the serious face DOWN... I tell ya! 

Kelly is offering Designs By Sessa local readers a special promotion! If you mention this post and contact her you will receive a $25 off coupon for your session! If you just have Kelly for an hour, this coupon would make your shoot only $50! It's WAY too generous in my opinion, because I know there are going to be lots of friends snapping this sweet girl up (pun intended)!

Here is some of her work:
 And one more!

Worth WAAAAY more than $50, am I right!? You can contact Kelly via her Facebook Page PhotosOfGrace Photography to book your session and get your $25 off coupon!

For more outfit details, I would LOVE for you to visit The Train To Crazy today! And if you are new here, please stick around... you never know what concoction I will draft up! Love to you!