Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"The Porch" - The Crafting Fiend

Today, on "The Porch" I have the amazing Jen from The Crafting Fiend! She is such a sweet person. I absolutely love her love for her 2 little girls and her unique and fun sewing style! I hope you will enjoy getting to know her better and check out her fun tutorials

Hi! My name is Jen and I blog over at The Crafting Fiend. I want to say a big thanks so much to Vanessa for inviting me to join in on the front porch series!

(This is me - a couple years ago... I look pretty much the same just a bit more sleep deprived now that I have a second kid, and although adorable my youngest does NOT understand the beauty of a full nights sleep. I thought by 6 months old she would be getting it but no such luck. Not yet anyways.)

I have to admit I wasn't sure what to talk about when first asked but knew I wanted to join in. I love Vanessa's blog and the front porch beginnings story really reminded me of my great grandma (who was an amazing lady that I still miss. She was into crafting, so brave in speaking about her faith, and just awesome!)

So I suppose I should actually say something... I am fairly dorkish/nerdy type. I LOVE books and wish I had more time to read, my husband and I love to play video games together for dates and have in home movies. Turns out we are both fairly homebody ish. I've been married 6.5 years now, and it really doesn't seem that long. I honestly have no idea where time goes. We have two daughters a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old. I also still have my Nintendo and super Nintendo  just thought I'd throw that out there to prove the nerd point, and yes I have Mario's duck hunt, and donkey kongs, kirby, and even street fighter :) 

Some things that have been on my mind lately are how to raise my kids to be the adults I want them to be. You know the good peoples type who are responsible and not entitled. compassionate and caring but able to stand up for themselves at the same time. I struggle a lot with how to teach them balance, I know at their ages I still have a lot of time yet, but I feel so exhausted most days I wonder if I will ever find the energy to be the mom I really want to be and imagined I would be. I keep trying to tell myself it will get easier to be a more "fun mom" when we can leave the house again... We live on the Canadian prairies and it is freezing cold for a loooong time over here, and I really hate winter, and my baby catches a cold as soon as a chill hits her.

As far as crafting goes I LOVE sewing girly things! (I guess God knew what He was doing blessing me with 2 girlies). Little girl dresses and shirts and pants and everything - I LOVE it! My sewing goal for this year is to make myself a couple dresses I am proud to wear out. I have one done already using some adorable narwhale fabric, and I have some mermaid and narwhale fabric ready to go for another! (ps. yes I love all things nautical - but especially mermaids). I am trying to be more confident in my sewing. I mean, I know it's cute and well made, but I often feel like I am shy about it and the sharing of it with non interwebs persons.
(This is a me dress, pattern is the Anouk by Victory Patterns and fabric is "out to sea" by Sarah Jane)

Well, are you tired of reading me ramble on yet? haha. I guess I see front porch conversations being a bit of this and a bit of that, but no worries, I am nearly done. Before I go - favourite hot beverage? for me it is apple cider! (and if I am not nursing a babe a bit of shiraz added to it, mmmm)        

and if you did make it this far - here is your reward, a recent pic of me - in a dress I made! (pattern is the Meghan dress by Sisboom). look at all the snow, and a couple weeks after this we got a 20inch dump over 1.5 days... so ya. yay winter* ...and I so totally need a hairstyle. 

*the "yay winter" is meant to be read in a slightly sarcastic voice. 


Oh, Jen, you crack me up! While that much snow is unreal... I'm not sure I could live there as cool as it is! I love seeing your love for your Grandmother and how we have so much in common! Thank you for sharing all your nerdy quirks! Don't we all have them on some level? I know I do!!! Being a mom is tough, and I struggle with the same things, but I know that God gave us the children that we are to be mamas to and no one could do a better job at raising them than you! I pray that you continue to trust Him for your daily struggles and joys! 
Be sure to check out Jen's amazing sewing skills on The Crafting Fiend!