Thursday, April 4, 2013

Men's (Non-adjustable) Bow Tie Tutorial

Did you know you could easily save $50 and make your own bow tie?! It's remarkably easy and kind of fun! My Easter sewing this year consisted of one men's bow tie for the wonderful man in my life, and he was so happy that I made him something!

He looked quite the gentleman in a bow tie.

Oh, and I quite the lady...

Okay, so, NO, I didn't really wear this hat out in public, but I am truly contemplating it for next year! My Aunt Kathe has THE most amazing hat collection I have ever seen! She wears these big beautiful hats to her church each Easter and a lot of the younger women have decided hat wearing is fun and have also done so. Like in England! You know, I think they are pretty fun and extravagant, and WHY NOT!? In the true southern way, and every year at the Carolina Cup (a southern horse race in SC) women show up in hats and fascinators in all sizes and shapes and monogrammed goodness that only true southerners can appreciate. (I know you northerners just rolled your eyes in dismay.)
We were a cute little coordinated family this Easter. I just can't help myself, even if I didn't pull out all the stops and make everything, I still enjoy being matchy matchy, even for one day. Last Easter, I made an Easter top for myself using the Colette patterns Jasmine top. And let's not forget the matching father/son flannels I made this past Christmas... Okay, Okay, I LOVE matching... partridge family, absolutely!
Easter- 2012

Okay, I know, you're like... yes, you are a cute family, but this is a bow tie tutorial, right? 

Yes... you need:
  • a bow tie that is at the length that fits your husband (for your pattern)
  • 1/2 yard of interfacing- like Pellon fusible lightweight
  • your fabric, unfortunately I'm not sure exactly how much, just make sure your fabric is folded on the bias and is the length of your bow tie. I'm sure 1/2 yard is plenty. I used a lightweight gingham for my bow tie.
  • pins and scissors, and your sewing machine
To start, you need to fold your fabric in half, but on the bias. There are two ways to fold your fabric, but we want to fold it so that your fabric stretches the most when it is folded, at a 45 degree angle. If you pull on your fabric vertically, you will see that it doesn't stretch much. Horizontally, it stretches more, so make sure that when you fold it you make a triangle and it stretches ACROSS when you fold it.

Pin your bow tie (pattern) to your fabric, so it won't shift. Then, cut around it, leaving at least 1/4'' - 1/2'' seam allowance.
 Do the same thing and cut out one bow tie from your lightweight fusible interfacing.
Fuse your interfacing to your fabric using the manufacturer's instructions. Damp cloth and hot iron for 10 - 15 seconds.

 Sew around your bow tie, leaving a 2.5 inch opening in the middle of the skinny center part (where you know it would be at the back of the neck. You may need to sew around to one side. Skip the opening and continue sewing until you reach your starting point again.
Next, you want to trim close to the stitching, and make little tiny notches cut towards the stitching around the curved areas of your bow tie.
 Now it's time to turn your bow tie. I used a Fast Turn tool to do this, turning each section in towards the middle. The slower, way is to attach a safety pin and work it up and through your 2 inch opening. Then, grab a chop stick or something sharm and poke out the corners!

You then want to press your bow tie flat, tucking under your 2 inch opening. Starching your bow tie is very helpful here. I used to never use starch, but it is the sewist's friend, so please use it!
My hand stitching is never quit perfect, but it will be hidden under the collar and barely visible, so stitch away! You are done!

You have one handsome bow tie for one handsome little Easter photo!
Other outfit details for those interested:
  • Belks - $25 (belt included)
  • My sweater: Loft - already had this in my closet
  • Threw on green pearly necklace to match the boys
-Not sure about Hart's seersucker pants and shirt!
  • home-made bow tie

-Cai's Outfit:
  • Belk OshKosh White Shirt
  • Green gingham tie - Target (last Easter)
  • Old Navy toddler seersucker shorts-hand-me-downs! 
Hope you all had a great Easter! He is Risen! 

(*Also, thank you for pardoning my less than perfect photography! My dslr is currently broken and we are working on getting a new camera! Yay!)