Sunday, April 21, 2013

Polka Dot Casual Lady w/a BIG Heart!!!

 Truth be known, I'm a casual lady with a BIG heart for She's Worth It!, a campaign making a difference fighting human sex trafficking globally and especially in children around the world. Brandi, the founder, just returned from Cambodia where she spent time among the brothels ministering to 12 year old girls being sold hourly. I was glued to her video posts she put on the FB page.

If your heart isn't ripped out by so clearly seeing evil at work and you don't feel called to stop it by giving, I just can't understand. I know it seems so far away and it's easy to brush it off, but that doesn't mean we can ignore the fact that it exists just across an ocean.
 Hart and I just did our taxes. We made the most money we've ever made last year and yet were the stingiest we've ever been, so our new goal for 2013 is to be generous the way God has called us to be. To not let giving fall by the way-side. We want to be marked by giving.

And that starts by giving to worthy causes. 

$10 makes a difference some place across the sea to a girl trapped in human sex slavery and I haven't met too many Americans that can't give $10 easy. If you sew, then Andrea of The Train To Crazy and Go To Patterns has created an easy simple knit women's top called the Casual Lady and ALL proceeds go towards raising $15,000 for She's Worth it! Please give, buy, and advocate!
It was such a quick sew! I made this top about an hour and a half before church today and even added the heart on the front!
I love how playful the top turned out using this polka dot Michael Miller knit (from Creative Sewing, where I work) and this shiny metallic material from Jo-Ann Fabrics as a heart patch.
I made a large (I have such a busty up-side!) and it fit me the way I want shirts to fit me, a tad breezy.
The back is simple and the cap sleeves are simple. A great basic block! A perfect beginner knit project that you don't need a serger for! (Although, I did use mine, but you really don't need one to sew this top up quick! It comes in XXXS - XXL, so it's perfect for most!
Thanks for reading! Be moved to give!