Friday, April 12, 2013

Pre-Rehearsal Dinner Decoration Prep

Our family is gearing up for some amazing-ness this weekend. My brother, Tyler, is getting married to the sweetest most incredible girl, Ann-Marie! Maybe you remember their seriously cute "He Popped the Question" Engagement Party that I helped decorate almost a year ago! Tyler is my 2nd youngest brother. We are 21 months apart and I love him SO much!
With our dad!

Anyways, I've been gearing up and getting my decorating groove on! If you're an Instagram following me (vanessadbs), then you know I've been busy! For those NOT on IG, I thought I'd do a little random sharing from my day.
 Oh, yay! How cute is this burlap chevron ribbon from Hobby Lobby! I kind of went a little ribbon crazy with it... even my wreath got attacked!
 There's been some spray painting... lots of spray painting. And there's an old window involved...
 Some nail pampering!
 Some fake eye lash practicing skillZzzzz. Always said with a Z. SKILLZZZZ!
 Lots of embroidery! These will be table numbers for the Rehearsal dinner!
 Okay, really random, but my neighbor girls brought me a bucket of freshly picked flowers. Is that not the sweetest? I love these girls!

And lastly, our amazing centerpieces....

 We are going for that "Hoarder's" look for each table. Don't you think this will be amazing tonight?

Can't wait to share all the details and I've borrowed one of my BFF's dslr, so I will actually get good photos for once! Yay!