Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tyler and Ann-Marie's Wedding

As I stated in this post, I was getting ready for a huge family wedding weekend! My brother got married to Ann-Marie and she was seriously one of the most beautiful brides that I have ever seen and they had one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to from decorations to seeking Jesus in their ceremony. We are so blessed to have such an amazing gal that joined our family!

I was not their hired photographer! I actually do not even currently own a dslr (saving!), but my good friend let me borrow their camera for our wedding weekend and I can't help, but act like a photographer, when I have a camera in my hand. Hart got onto me several times that I needed to enjoy the moments and not be behind the camera! I don't think he understands that I AM enjoying moments! haha! (Although, I know what he means!)

Anways, I want to share some of the rehearsal dinner decorations I helped with, but I'd also like to show some of these amazing photos with such an amazing bride!
First off... THIS CAR!!! My brother waited until the DAY OF to find an amazing ride to go off in... can you believe that he found this car? It was a total God thing and completely her wedding colors! It was VERY fun to take photos with!

Okay, here, you can have one with me in it... meet my pretty new sister (and her sister!)
We wore these Target dresses, with amazing turquoise necklaces from Etsy (gift from the bride!) and whatever cowboy boots we wanted! It was so fun!
Thanks to my friend, Shelly for snagging these photos!

Cai was rocking it! He actually had a charcoal gray tie and black coat, but it was a tad hot for him!
I just can't believe how tall he is getting!!!

Now this is kind of where my photos fall apart being IN the wedding and all... good thing they had REAL photographers to capture it all! They got married right out on the lawn in front of a beautiful view under a giant wooden cross!

 A covered open air pavillion was behind it and the reception was held there!
 First dance...
I love the flower in her hair...don't you? And oh, my brother is a marine! It was such a neat twist to a rustic- elegant outdoor wedding, because there were all these marines in uniform. Including my dad!

It was a happy day!

Other little details (sorry the photography isn't the best on these last photos! I had let a friend borrow my 50mm and didn't have it!)
I mean, she had HONEY as favors... perfection!

I loved these giant wooden tree centerpieces on the tables!

And their cake was gorgeous! Those are LIVE iris'.
There were just so many perfect details! I just wish I could share them all!
We sent them off through a trail of bubbles and off they went in that amazing 55' chevy!
It was spectacular and Jesus was lifted high and we pray their marriage is being rooted and built up in Christ!