Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's Up? What's Up? What's Up!?

Exciting news!!! I got a new DSLR!!!! Whooot! Several months without one really makes you re-appreciate the beauty of taking photos with one!!! Worth saving and spending the money right there! You can read more about my excitement here!
In this little sewing blogging world KCWC is in full swing! And... I have HAVE.SEWN.NOTHING! I have ALWAYS done KCWC since I first heard about it 2 years ago!

No worries. I hate blogging pressure, so I really don't feel the urge to sew just because everyone else is doing it! And to be honest, I have quite a lot coming up blogging-wise, so I've enjoyed watching other people's inspired hour-a-day creativity! It's great! I know when I do commit to KCWC, I do whip out quite a lot of finished cherished garments! It's wonderful to do!

That does not mean, I won't be sewing this week! I thought I'd let y'all know what's going on in DBS future, and now that I have a dslr, I will hopefully have my blogging "mojo" back! Yippee!

This week:

-Pattern Testing for See Kate Sew... you can vote for her next pattern!(Hopefully, I will whip something out for KCWC because of this! All I can say is it is CUTE!!!)
-Pattern Testing for Sew Much Ado- Eeek! You know I love sewing for mwa!
-MUST MAKE THESE CAILAMADE SHORTS FOR CAI! MUST! She's promised me her tute is coming soon! She won Sew-Vivor!!! Coolest Boy shorts HAND_MADE EVER!
-Make For MOM series at Shaffer Sisters Guest Post
-Knock It OFF! At Elegance & Elephants

-Lost Arts Series for Jen at A Jennuine Life
Lost Arts of Sewing at A Jennuine Life photo LostArtsofSewingButton_zps3daa3a4c.jpg

Then, I'm going to kick back and enjoy SUMMER LIVIN' as much as my niece does, and try NOT to sew much more than that, which I always say and NEVER do, but am going to really try!