Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easy Summer Infinity Scarf

When I went shopping way back at GNO Charlotte with sweet blog friends, I picked up this absolutely crazy neon pink hole-y 80's fabric made... I am pretty sure for hip hop costumes! For some reason, I just could not resist! I thought bathing suit cover-up? Maybe? Then, I decided that was WAY too holey for that.

Next thought, infinity scarf for SPRING! Since this is like knit, not fraying, it came together SUPER fast and easy and I definitely think you could do this for any kind of knit fabric!
Literally, I laid this out on the floor. Folded it up length-wise and cut the folded edge. I sewed up the 2 short sides, using a little longer stitch length (4.0mm) and TA-DA! Easy-peasy summer infinity scarf in HOT neon pink!
I'll be posting soon about this new shirt pattern I tested after it's pattern release at Sew Much Ado, too! Can't wait!

Oh, and this is always so funny to me,  but my real life best friend, Stephanie and I, don't live in the same city, but EVERY time we see each other for the first time, we almost ALWAYS coincidentally MATCH in what we choose to wear that day! We've decided we are without a doubt closet twins, which is appropriate because all during college we shared a closet! I saw her yesterday, wore this outfit, and she had one on similarly, but striped!
Pretty fun, right!?