Tuesday, May 21, 2013

J.CREW Colorblocked Shorts: Knock It Off

Hi everyone! Today, I have a fun knock off for Heidi's Knock It Off series over at Elegance & Elephants! If you are new here at DBS, WELCOME! I'm glad you came over, please say hi!!!! I hope you enjoy these little shorts I made for my son Cai! I love knocking things off from stores! I often get inspired just shopping at Target! No lie. I'd much rather try to make something than buy it, well, depending what the item is. My last Knock It Off was this GAP hoodie rugby style embroidered shirt.

Today, I have a J.CREW knock off and it was pretty fun to copy!

J.CREW's colorblocked shorts ($49.50)... mine completely FREE! The fabric was given to me from a co-worker's overflowing stash, and I already had elastic & buttons in the stash! Yay!
J.CREW's version uses a medium weight chino fabric. I was trying to stash bust, so I used a corduroy fabric. I had to line these with a super soft cotton, also in my stash, due to Cai hating how serged inner seams feel on his skin. They turned out very soft inside, and I am hoping not too hot with 2 layers for summer. I think they should be fine, since they are shorts! Anyone happen to know a good chino fabric source?

So, for my pattern guide I used the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shorts. I moved the front pleats to the back. It looks okay. I tried to eradicate them completely, but Cai's waist is pretty tiny, so I ended up realizing I had to take them in somehow and thought back was better than front. I mean, who wears pleated pants anymore?
I ended up serging all my pieces together and then using my favorite foot: the edgejoining foot to topstitch. I love that professional quality. Also, if you do not have an edge joining foot, you have GOT to get one! It makes your stitching PERFECT-O!

Unfortunately, I didn't really take many photos of my process for creating a tutorial for these, but I can if there is a huge outcry. Here are my modified pattern pieces.
Cai is probably inbetween sizes right at the moment, so a 3T was perfect. I didn't adjust for any seam allowances and it turned out great. I did extend the back upper waist piece by several inches and then cut it even with the top of my front piece once joined at the side seams.
I also angled the pockets, instead of making them curved and made another pair of shorts slightly smaller to line them. This particular corduroy was stiffer and in the first fitting Cai HATED how they felt inside. The lining is a soft cotton like a batiste.
I just wiggled the shorts inside, wrong sides together, and made sure that my waistband would fold down.They look so professional inside this way!

I made sure to follow the pattern directions to make them flat fronted and added a brown button to make them like the J.CREW version! I loved the faux fly detail, too!
As long as this boy actually wears them AND enjoys life, then I am more than happy with also saving $50!
And just a few more photos of my little love doodle.
Watch out ladies...
Y'all tell him to stop getting so handsome!
Well, I hope you enjoyed that! I loved making these! I hope they inspire you to attempt other knock-offs out there!