Friday, May 17, 2013

"Nerdy Stag HoodieVest": a See Kate Sew pattern

I had the honor of testing  for the first time for Kate of See Kate Sew. She just released an adorable hoodie vest pattern called the Aztec Hooded Vest!

I had quite a lot of fun with the welt pockets on my vest for Cai. I guess this is starting to become a signature move for me, to have playful pockets in my children's wear. First example of playful pockets here.
 I ended up using a really lightweight chambray fabric on the exterior and I regretted it. While I love the color and slight texture, I felt like it needed a sturdier fabric on the outside (like she suggests - might I add). I'm not a fan of my topstitching, but probably the worst critic here! I do however, love the diagonal design in the pattern FOR topstitching.
And shall we talk about this jumbo hood?
I love hoods! The bigger the better!

My one huge error was that I bought a SPORTS zipper. Well, after deciding that I could pull it apart and still make it work... it did not work. This means that my vest is unzip-able. That was frustrating, because when I make hand-made clothes, of course I want them to function well! At some point I will rip it out and maybe do buttons down the front or something!
The hood and pocket fabric is echino that I got from a friend that lives in Japan! It's the same fabric I used for this sweater.

Okay, enough about what I did... I need to talk about this cute pattern! And it really IS cute! The instructions have Kate's complete flair! I actually had to write her right back and tell how how excited I got just to sew, because of how darling her instructions were to read! That's how it should be! If I am ever a pattern designer, I must make cute instructions like Kate! I think if you want a fun vest for a boy OR girl, then this is a really awesome pattern to choose! The directions are clear and you have step by step photos to help you out! I loved making it and isn't Cai such a cutie in it!?
I started this during KCWC... since I didn't really participate in that challenge, can we just say this counts?
Ok, good. 

Find the Aztec Hooded Vest Pattern at See Kate Sew!