Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mama That God is Making Me Into

I had the most amazing, most relaxing Mother's Day I have ever had since being a mama, and the funny thing was that my child was no where in sight!
That is pretty hilarious, but it makes quite a lot of sense, too. Of course, it goes without saying that I missed him incredibly!

Being a mom is just plain tiring. My husband swept me off to Hilton Head Island for 2 days and I felt the tension of life and motherhood just float away as the ocean ebbed on.

I'm learning to take breaks in this mommy-job. I'm learning to be a better mama and time away from loving on my sweet boy is exactly what I need sometimes.

I hope mamas everywhere can get a moment to get away with their husbands. I learned so much from just 2 days away and I am hoping to share it over time with you. God is stirring up good things in my life, but I need time to process all he is doing.
Life moves so fast and little breaks are good for the soul.  So is this book. RUN out the door to get it or buy it for the young mom in your life! I had to wait like 2.5 months to get it from the Library and it is truly so. so. so. good! I've flown through it and I cannot even say how much I've enjoyed the truth from these two wise mamas. It will be a refreshment for your soul and wisdom to your tired mind!

God is shaping me, pulling at my heart and moving me into new territory with him. I can see it happening and I'm understanding more of His will for my life every day. 
I've been learning that I must go to God first in all things.
I've known this for a long time now. I've loved Jesus since I was 16, but I always try to go it on my own first and I'm sloooowly learning that this always fails.

I've been getting on my knees more to pray. I'm learning I have to be here. On my knees praying, even if I only have 2 short minutes to tell God what is on my mind, before I hear little feet pitter pattering down the hall to find me.

I have to be with Jesus. I'm learning that I can't be without him. It's darkness without him and following Him is all that matters.
I'm learning that I have to lay down my life for my husband and for my child. To serve them in love and kindness. NOBODY likes a groggy, mean-spirited, complaining mommy.
 I'm praying the joy from within me will come out more and more here on this blog. Not just hand-made clothes and fashion, but depth from the heart encouraging you in your life walk.

I am praying about attending this conference. Please pray that God will provide $269 so that I can go learn from some amazing speakers and learn more about how to build this blog for His Kingdom. I will go against the current grain of blogging trends and be different, because it's what I've been called to do.