Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Porch - Sew Much Ado

 I'm thrilled to have Abby from Sew Much Ado come. sit. and share. on my virtual Porch, a series inspired by my lovely Gramie Ali and her love of using her real life porch for hand-made beauty and crafts! Abby is truly SO gifted! I love her patterns! Check out my version of her latest pattern the Seafarer Top and be sure to follow her lovely blog! It's always full of inspiration and DIYs sure to make ya happy! Abby and I decided we would be instant friends in real life and I have no doubts it would be true!
Welcome Abby!!!

Hi everyone! I'm Abby from Sew Much Ado and am so thrilled to be joining Vanessa on The Porch today. When Vanessa first contacted me about being a guest, I loved the idea of the whole series so much that I didn't have to even hesitate before signing up. Since that time, I've got to know Vanessa better as I've followed her blog, and she was even so kind to help test my newest pattern for me! I feel lucky to have her for a friend!

Since I'm technically allowed to talk about whatever I want in this post, I really want to say that I admire Vanessa and her blogging style so much. Whether you've been reading her blog for a long or short time, it's obvious that she has strong beliefs, and isn't afraid to let them be known. I really appreciate how genuine she is, and that she is always true to herself and her faith.

Anyway, enough about Vanessa, more about me... ;) As I had been thinking about this post, I tried to imagine what Vanessa and I would actually chat about if we were sitting on her porch, relaxing and enjoying a summer breeze. Then the thought came to me, what wouldn't we talk about?! I'm sure that her and I could talk for hours about anything and everything.

But, so that you don't have to read for hours, today I wanted to share a bit about my sewing history. I think my mom first started teaching me to sew around age 5. I remember making simple straight skirts that had an elastic casing in the top and a raw hem, and thinking they were sooo cute. I always liked the extra tight ones that didn't allow much room for movement, lol. I remember my mom trying to reign my obsession in and my skirts mysteriously "disappearing" often, but it didn't stop me, I'd just make a new one!

At age 8 I followed my first pattern with the help of my mom and made this apron. I embroidered the rainbow and sewed it onto the apron, and remember being so proud of myself when I posed for the photo and for being so creative, hehe!
I continued to sew as I grew up, making the majority of my dresses and skirts, and eventually even making a friend's wedding dress when I was 18. I still cringe thinking about the imperfections in that dress!

Of course my sewing changed a lot as I got married and had kids, and I love being able to sew for my family.

It makes me laugh to see where I came from before the whole blogging revolution began. I worked as a dental hygienist before my kids came along, and in college on one of our first days our instructor said, "If you're wanting to be creative, y'all are in the wrong program!" Yep, I went to college in Texas :). At the time I honestly thought that sounded great to me and right up my alley. I didn't give myself any credit in the creativity department, even though I sewed often. It makes me a little sad to remember those thoughts, although I think I'll always have trouble calling myself "creative". I really admire bloggers and sewers who are true artists, like Katie Dill.

Anyway... To where I am now, after blogging for 5 years and creating 7 sewing patterns, it almost seems like a dream at times. I'm so grateful for what I've gained through all of my blogging experiences, and still surprised at how it's all worked out. In the 5 years that I've been blogging, so much has changed, especially with the boom of social media, and I often wonder what it will be like in another 5 years, don't you?!

Thanks for having me today and letting me indulge, Vanessa! It was fun to "chat" and have a change of pace from my usual posts!

YOU MADE A WEDDING DRESS!?! That's amazing!!! I love the flashbacks to the past with that skirt! How cute were you!? And I know we talked about this via email, but the thought never crossed my mind to get a "creative" degree like pattern making or something! If I could only go back... I know exactly what I would want to be when I grew up! Also, thank you for making me blush ten times over! I love that you are true to yourself, too and I believe that is very important in life! It truly is my goal to reflect that in my writing of my blog! You guys, please be sure to check out that amazing Sew Much Ado blog and check out Abby's patterns