Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chalkboard Fabric Covered Toddler Table

This is the greatest idea that I've ever had! A Chalkboard Fabric Covered Toddler Table!

We sell this chalkboard fabric at Creative Sewing by the yard in a huge 60'' roll and I've been waiting for the perfect project to buy this for!

Why is it so perfect for toddler tables?!

Well, it completely protects the table top, is easy to wipe off, and they can WRITE on it with chalk, use play dough directly on it, finger paint, do crafts, etc. I won't worry if my son is using crayons or markers on the wood table! It's amazing! I prefer this over chalkboard paint, because of how easy it is to clean and sometimes I've found that chalkboard paint sometimes leaves marks after writing on it, or the brush streaks make it sort of bumpy! Just a damp cloth wipes anything off of this chalkboard fabric!

It's also NO-SEW! All you need is some chalkboard fabric, a staple gun, and your table!

  Let me show you how easy it is!

Flip your table over and lay it on your chalkboard fabric.
Staple every few inches. I usually start in the center, then work my way out to the corners, smoothing as I go, and pulling tight as much as I can before I staple down.

For the corners, I did mine like this:

Trim off any excess, if needed.

I thought it would be fun to paint my toddler chairs this bright teal. I used Valspar Exotic Sea spray paint.

I've tucked this table in our kitchen near the dining table. We don't have a ton of room, but I love having it inside and close by to use for crafts!
This is also where I sew, back behind the table! One day, I will have my own sewing space, but this works for us now, and all of the "crafty" stuff is close by! I store all of Cai's "craft stuff" in a 3 drawer cart next to my sewing table, since I've sort of taken over the china cabinet with fabric.

Just thought I would share! Do you guys have any amazing toddler crafts or other brilliant ideas now for us to try? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear them!