Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Matching Vintage Sheet Mommy/Daughter PJs

First off, I apologize for not getting back to you if you've left me comments recently... can I even begin to tell you how busy and crazy life has been lately, and I have a feeling in a few weeks when we become official foster parents, that will just multiply!? I truly appreciate each comment and the time you take out of your day to leave one. I always read them, but I've been focusing on less time on the internet and more time with my family. Please know I cherish you! Thanks for encouraging me! Secondly, I've got several guest posts I am going to be bringing home. I hope you enjoy them! Happy Summer! This post first appeared at The Shaffer Sister's blog for their Make for Mom Series! 

Hi! I'm Vanessa and I blog at Designs By Sessa - my little blog heaven where I blog about sewing and my love for Jesus! I'm so thankful to be here today on The Shaffer Sister's blog! They are such sweet gals and I'm excited that they asked me to be a part of Make for Mom Series!

I love being a mom to a sweet little boy, and I love my mom(s) in my life and I'm excited to share a sweet little project today perfect for any mom in your life! Of course, this could be great for anyone wanting some comfy PJ pants, as well! If you use vintage or well-loved sheets, they feel SO so comfy!
I'm definitely NOT the first person to think of sheet pj pants, but making a mommy & daughter matching set.... TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!
I actually made these for my sister-in-law and my niece for my SIL's birthday! I knew Hannah would LOVE comfy PJ pants and being tall, she often has a hard time finding pj pants long enough. Using the wide upper hem of a (vintage) sheet, you can get a neat wide bottom hem, and these come together SO fast, especially if you have a serger where you can sew and finish your seams at once!

Hannah was ecstatic finding these pjs in the box (what she didn't know was that underneath some tissue paper, I had hidden the smaller version for her daughter)!
 She loved them so much, she put them right on to try them out! Then, discovered Naomi's PJ pants!
It feels amazing to give gifts moms love! See the thing is, as moms, we often don't buy ourselves new pjs. We buy the kids cute pjs, and even the husbands, but often forget ourselves!

All you need to make a matching set is 1 vintage (or other) sheet, the softer the sheet, the more luxurious the pjs turn out AND some elastic for the waist. I used 1'' non-roll elastic for Naomi and 2'' wide elastic for Hannah's pjs. 
Since Hannah and I are about the same size, I used some of my favorite pj pants as a guide, giving myself a good 1 inch seam allowance on either. Literally, I folded them in half and cut around them, giving myself a few extra inches at the waist line, too. Then, I folded them so the inside was facing out and in half and did the same thing to get my front pieces.
I then put each back pieces, then front pieces, right sides together and serged them down the crotch. Putting the front and back pieces together, you match up the side seams of the legs and serge those, making sure to match your bottom wide hem. Lastly I serged from one ankle up to the crotch and down the other side almost completing my pants, except for the elastic waist band.

I often serge around the waist-line edge, before inserting the waistline elastic casing.
I also like to use rograin ribbon for my labels on my clothes to tell the back of the pant. Helpful, right!?
Fold your waist line down with enough room to put your elastic through. Sew around leaving a 2'' opening.
Safety pin + elastic at your measurement = feed through your 2'' opening!
Overlap your elastic and stitch together, making sure your elastic didn't roll around. Then, close up your 2'' opening with a straight stitch!
Repeat for your 2nd pair, but smaller measurements, of course!
And lastly, all I can say is that as moms making things for yourself is important! So DO IT! Here are a few of the things I've already sewing for myself this year!
I love to sew for myself! My son Cai is 2.5 and I've found out he doesn't always like what I sew him... SO... I often sew for myself, and find that as I grow in my sewing knowledge, I feel more and more like a Proverbs 31 woman reflecting God's glory! I pray that you too will reflect God's glory in your sewing and get out in front of that camera some! Having a sweet confidence is a good thing and that you are clothed and put together somewhat always helps my daily attitude, just remember that it isn't about the material blessings in the end and shouldn't be daily getting ready, above all else put on love! You can never go wrong with that!

Thanks for having me girls! Y'all are great! Please visit Designs By Sessa soon and say HI!