Monday, June 10, 2013

"The Porch" - Carolyn from Fake It While You Make It

Today, I've got a really fun guest, Carolyn from Fake It While You Make It! I love Carolyn's blog and her fun sense of humor! I don't think she realizes I laugh during her posts almost all the time! She's just awesome at being honest and I love her writing style, as well as, the awesome things she sews for her cute kiddos and herself, the good AND the bad, which she will be the first to tell you how it went! Thanks for coming to "The Porch", a series inspired by my Gramie Ali and her real-life crafty porch! 

Welcome, Carolyn!!!

First off I just want to say a very big thank you to Vanessa for inviting me to chat on "her porch."  I was touched that she asked me to be here and I'm excited to talk your ear off.  So get ready...

Hello, I'm Carolyn and I blog over at Fake It While You Make It.  For the most part this involves me blathering on about my sewing and knitting projects, but I also like to sprinkle in some posts about my life away from the sewing machine - also known as my life with this man and these two amazing kiddos.
And honestly, if we were hanging out on a porch, chatting it up, we'd probably be talking about everything but sewing because I'm actually incredibly awkward when it comes to talking about my crafty (mis)adventures in person.  Instead, I'd probably be talking your ear off about what's been on my mind lately - namely decluttering.

But this hasn't been on my mind because my house is a mess (although for the record, it is).  It's been on my mind because most of my efforts in this area revolve around getting rid of all of the baby items in our house and as you can imagine there's a whole  lot of emotional baggage that goes along with packing up itty-bitty baby onesies and bouncy seats.  Now I should probably say that I don't particularly consider myself "on the fence" when it comes to having another child.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that my husband and I are in the same place when we say that we're 97.5% sure that we're going to consider our family done with the two amazing kids that we have.  In fact, in addition to being excited to have our second child for all of the regular reasons, I was actually incredibly excited to have our second baby because that meant that I could get rid of the giant baby swing, the equally giant jumper, the bumbo seat, the bathtub, the bouncy seat, the rocking chair...yeah, you get the point.  But now that the time is here to pass on all of these items and pack up an entire years's worth of clothes that my littlest one has grown out of, I feel some definite tugging at my heart strings and I can't help but wonder "what if?"

As in, "what if we change our mind?"  Or "what if we decide that our family is not complete with the two that we already have?'

But in spite of the "what ifs" that pop up every time I fill another box with newborn onesies and teeny-tiny hats that fit my youngest for approximately 2.2 second, I'm continuing to pack everything up.  And in doing so I'm continuing to close the door on that period of our lives.

But for the record, I'm shoving just one pair of ridiculously comfortable maternity jeans into the back of my closet because if those "what ifs" ever turn into something different, I don't want to be pregnant again without them.

Boohoohoo... Carolyn... you had me crying! Ok, not really, but seriously, I know that has GOT to be hard! I think you just need to send me all those little girl clothing boxes... because I am for certain I WILL have a girl some day! Ha! Really, thank you for coming, and I think you should have more, because your kids are so darn cute! Definitely MORE! And... you know you're going to be sad not to have someone fun to sew for... haha! :)

For those of you that don't know Carolyn, please check out her amazing blog here