Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Porch - FrancesSuzanne

I feel truly blessed to have these fantastic ladies that I've had the pleasure to meet in person today on my Porch, a series inspired by my grandmother's real life porch where people came to share and craft! Thanks, FrancesSuzanne for being here today!!! 

Hello all! We are thrilled to be here on Vanessa's "Porch" enjoying the first few days of summer.  While we are only here 'virtually'....instead of in the flesh.....we tried to imagine what we would be talking about, had we truly been on Vanessa's porch....
So, we would have probably started the time off reminiscing about the time we met one another - in the flesh..... Still makes us smile thinking about it! Vanessa {and Rachel} will always hold the title of our "first blogging friends ever met in real life!" It all began with a tap {or poke} depending on whose side of the story you choose to believe....
Then, once we settled down a bit, possibly rocking away on the porch swing/rockers, and sipping on our oversized lemonades, we would begin 'talking shop' {ie: anything and everything related to the sewing community that we could possibly think of}. Technically: we. would. pick. Vanessa's. brain. for a few hours....okay, maybe a day.....and then invite ourselves back for the following day to discuss "life, in general." Pushy guests, huh?!?!
But, what about you? Is there anything in this for you...as you join us today? Well, since summer technically began last week....and since we would need a little snack to go along with that oversized lemonade....our minds turned to the time of year it is around these parts: BERRY PICKING TIME!
We've had our fair share of berry picking memories...
from our berry-loving dog of 16 years,
to being attacked by blood-sucking pestilence,
and eventually to our youngest sister falling in a hole...
all in the name of finding and picking the ripest, juiciest berries!
Truth be told, Emily {suzanne} won't eat a berry to save her life.....
but she'll pick with the best of us. 
Although we've picked blackberries from time to time, and Ashley {frances} received a "You Pick, You Buy Strawberries" gift a few years back, our "go to" berry of choice is the blueberry! 
So much in fact,  that Ashley {frances} was gifted a few baby blueberry plants after a birthday request was made.
Maybe because it is said to improve one's memory {no snide remarks towards Emily....just saying}, or the fact our parents eat them as a regular part of their breakfast routine...
At any rate, now is the time for blueberry season around here so we'd love to share an easy-peasy blueberry recipe for you to enjoy through the warm summer months.
So, what's the surprise? We honestly don't have a clue!! Maybe it is the recipe's ease, maybe it is the crust, maybe it is the blueberries tucked away inside, maybe it is the taste, or maybe the author had run out of other blueberry titles and just went with "SURPRISE!"  I mean, who doesn't love a great surprise?? Known, or unknown!! What do you think? What IS the surprise in our "Blueberry Surprise"?!?!
Thanks so much for having us over, Vanessa! It's been fun sharing this "surprise" {???} with your readers on "The Porch"! Now, Vanessa will forever be known as the first blog where we shared a "food post".....completely making our mother's day.