Thursday, June 20, 2013

White Washed Laundry Room DIY

Yesterday, I lost my mind! I completely emptied my laundry room and opened a gallon of white paint and completely white washed my laundry room from top to bottom on a whim!!! The results are beyond spectacular and I'm not even completely done with this space, yet, but I just had to share how far it's come so far with you guys after just decluttering and adding some paint! That way, I know the pain from painting all by myself and having my husband pick me up off the floor was worth it! LOL!

Let's start with the Before, so you can grasp how crazy I was to tackle this alone with a 2 year old's help!
 Um... yeah... I lived with this utility room for 4.5 years pretty much like this... We only have a carport, all the things you would probably put in a garage are stored in this tiny space. It triples as our laundry room, mud room, catch all, even our extra refrigerator is out here, paint supplies, tools, you name it! It was always the room I tried to not let people see!

Now, a little before/after, as done as it is getting at the moment, reveal...

I knew it would look good painted white, but really, I had no idea how much it would completely transform it! I am in loooove with the white! It makes me want to do this to the rest of the house!

This room is not heated or even completely finished part of our home, so it really gives it a shabby chic, beachy vibe to be all white, and I feel like you would open the door and say "WOW" now, not "YIKES!"
All those bags, I had to push past when grabbing stuff out of the extra fridge! Is now this...
I put all of the grocery reusable bags inside this one larger bag and put the rest of the other bags in piles to donate or in closets in the house where they should be anyways. I properly hung this cute little rack on the wall!
Since this room also doubles as a mud room, we have to have places for shoes. I kept the door shoe rack, since it's so efficent, but added this neat old Wheeler Washing Basin and stand that I inherited form my husband's parents. My MIL remembers getting washed herself in this basin and I've had it in our back shed, and have used it to ice drinks at parties. I love it's new home now filled with children's shoes and rain boots and the neat laundry vibe it brings with it.

Something else that got a mini-makeover is our extra fridge.
I literally, taped off the little Whirlpool symbol and before I started painting anything white, I laid a drop cloth down and wen to town spraying it up right where it was with Rust-o-leum "metallic aluminum spray paint". I wasn't about to move a whole fridge by MYSELF! The only problem with this is that 1)I had a hard time painting around the fridge, as it was still sticky by the time I was needing to be around it 2) not much ventilation in a tiny space, but again... the results are worth it! I did not paint the sides. I figure you can't really see them and it's so old, we will be the last people to have it. Also, above the fridge is a neat old laundry basket that used to be my husband's grandma's basket. It is slightly falling apart and had shoes in it prior on our screened porch, now it holds paper towel rolls and will probably last longer since it's up high. 
So, still on my to-do list is painting the cabinetry a light blue/grey color, and figuring out a way to hide all the insulation behind the washer/dryer... probably by making some fabric curtains that can hang over it and hide it... more than likely just white to blend in. I'll show you this little eye sore, so you can see what I am talking about!
I'm also thinking about adding a fabric curtain to hide the smaller shelf next to the washer (where paint is now stored) and sort of divide the space and hide the hot water heater a bit more. I would also like to add some upside down lamp shades as light fixtures or some kind of lanterns as light fixtures.

But... my sweet husband who came home to find this surprise and his half-dead wife, asked me to PLEASE refrain from doing any more DIY projects for just a little while... LOL! 

Also, I feel like I need to mention, that I didn't spend any money on this at all! We had SO much paint from random things and I had almost a full gallon of white paint that I found up on that top shelf prior to cleaning it out! All the baskets and things I already had, I just used in different ways in here. And while, I could have made the photos a bit more "pinterest pretty", I really had to just focus on making this room functional for us right now! Clutter just makes you crazy! And I'm so grateful for this laundry room now! It makes me happy to open the door and look at it!

Now... to organize all the husbands tools... they had to go to the carport... but no worries.. I've got a plan for those somewhere else, too!