Friday, July 19, 2013

30 Before 30

When I turned 27, I thought about trying to come up with a list of 30 things I'd like to do before 30. Nothing like 6 months later to finally sit down and write out my thoughts!

  1. Donate My Hair to someone that needs it. DONE!
  2. Become a Foster Mom
  3. Adopt a baby, or two.
  4. Be pregnant one more time/done "having" kids
  5. Learn how to team row on the river at Columbia City Rowing Club
  6. Be debt free, other than our house.
  7. Take a photography class/lessons. 
  8. Learn how to pattern draft/grade for multi-sizes. 
  9. Take a Getaway to a tropical resort with my husband (no kids!) 
  10. Eat at a fancy fancy restaurant....classy date night!
  11. Lose 10 lbs (maybe after doing #10.)
  12. Visit CA/see Cali... never been!
  13. Attend Sewing Summit.
  14. Shop in the fabric district of LA! 
  15. Take knitting lessons from my Nana. 
  16. Sell/Rent our Current home/Buy a new home (with a pretty kitchen, lots of light, and a place for a garden, and my own sewing room.)
  17. Travel to NYC and up throughout New England with the hubs/family.
  18. Help out at The Hope Project at our Church - a homeless ministry. 
  19. Home school our kids or try an awesome private school.
  20. Sew 10 dresses, pants, and, a coat for myself. 
  21. Get my gun license and a gun. Oh, yeah!
  22. Make a Quilt
  23. Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons with Hart
  24. Reupholster my gramie's love seat
  25. Share Jesus with someone. 
  26. DIY our kitchen cabinets.
  27. DIY our master bath. 
  28. Couples Massage with the hubs... ooO lala!
  29. Go Kayaking down river/on the lake
  30. Have a FABULOUS 30th Birthday Party!  
Wish me luck! It sure will be interesting to see what happens vs. what God does! Don't ya think!?