Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coming Full Circle

My how this summer has been flying by! Have I even sewing anything lately? I find myself living by the "takin' it easy" motto right now. In just another month, I will be starting a new job teaching 2 days out of the week for a homeschool school.

Yes, home-school school. I said that right! These kids get the best of both worlds, traditional "school" environment 2 days and home-school the other 3 days. This job just dropped in my lap when I called to enroll Cai and it was an answer to my prayers.

It's funny to me how my life is changing and things are coming back around. Before I got into sewing, I loved teaching school and taught 4th grade. I only got to teach for 1 year, before getting pregnant and Cai came along that following September.

Enter life stage of the stay-at-home-mom, where I found myself in a house with a newborn all hours of the day with a toilet I could only scrub so often.

So, I started sewing, which just increased and increased and increased...

And then, I started working in a local fabric store.
I realized that while I enjoyed aspects of that job, I was doing my passion less and less. My life wasn't balancing right with having such young children and I knew something had to give.

I went down the lane of "what Vanessa wanted" and as I got down that path, I realized it wasn't as peachy as I thought!

So, this fall, we will be  doing something new. Cai and mommy will go to school 2 days. I will be using my degree and passion for teaching, and sewing will once again be the creative hobby it should be for me.

And a funny thing happened...

I'm so gosh darn content. You see... priorities are in check and I've found my true happiness is this stage of the little years where God has me, where I get to be a cool mom while the time lasts, and have cuddles, take naps next to my son, and savor each small moment of time.
This is how it should be and I'm so happy!