Thursday, July 11, 2013

Donating My Hair: My Story

I'm currently working on a 30 things before 30 bucket list... One of my items on my list is to donate my hair. Back in 2006, I had 3 surgeries. You can read through my health story here. Due to how sick I was with Ulcerative Colitis and having my colon removed and all the reconstructive surgery I went through, I lost quite a lot of my hair. I was never bald by any means, but it thinned out and gobs and gobs of it would come out in the shower.
Hart and I (dating) after my 1st surgery, before my hair loss.
It was such a scary feeling wondering if all my hair would be gone. The stress, powerful meds, and surgeries all contributed to it and I tried not letting it freak me out when I'd reach up to my head and a handful would come out.
You can see how skinny I was. This wasn't long after my first surgery. I was basically a skeleton with some hair.
As I started getting healthy again and stronger, my hair started coming in beautifully again, a bit more wavy, but just as thick and nice as always. I got a whole new head of hair at age 20! The only thing was that I had to cut it super short, so that it wouldn't look so crazy as the new hair was coming in.

But what if I had lost all my hair, due to my sickness? What if I had needed a wig? I certainly would have gone through a lot more struggles with it completely gone.

There are a lot of women and children in need of wigs to help them have a bit more self-esteem during a difficult time, so when my hair dresser, Aubrey's Hair, asked me if I was really ready, I had no feelings of regret.

I wanted to give back what God has so abundantly given me again.

Long, beautiful locks.
 As much as I loved it, I was ready for a change and to help someone else with something as simple as hair.

So off it went! I screamed a little. Not going to lie.
 Wowzers! That's like almost 12 inches, seriously! You only need 8 - 10, btw! If you follow me on instagram (vanessadbs) you can watch a little video of it getting buzzed off and me screaming like a little girl! lol

And here's my NEW do! I'm loving it! It IS much shorter than I'm used to, but I think it's still really fun and stylish!

And then, why not a fun new necklace from this cute boutique to celebrate, huh!?

Yeah, yeah! Hope you enjoyed this fun little time as much as I did! Now to cross off another item on the bucket list... oh and go put my hair in the mail! LOL! What a funny thing to postmark!