Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ribbon Drawstring Backpack Tutorial

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores sent me a $25 giftcard to re-create one of their projects from their Cape Discovery summer crafting challenge!

I chose a Drawstring Backpack, but modified it quite a bit to make it my own, of course!
I wanted very badly to add my own monogram on it, but since I don't know if this will end up being for a girl-beloved-baby or a gift for someone else, I left it plain! (For now!)
My twist was that I changed up the strap design quite a bit and added teal crochet trim. It is also fully lined, which I made peek through towards the outside by inverting the way the straps pull through.

You need: 
2 fabrics for the bag - cut 16'' wide x 16.5'' on the fold
1 yard of crochet trim
1 spool of ribbon- length to fit your child or you
2 buttons

Cut your fabrics on the fold, creating two large folded rectangles, 16'' x 16.5''.  I made my inner bag slightly smaller to fit a little better as my lining.  On the side that is not open pin to mark or mark with a pen 2 inches down towards the folded edge. This will be your stopping point for sewing up your side seams of the bag.
Sew/serge your side seams up to the marked lines you created. Repeat for lining.
Putting your fabric right sides together, slip your lining bag inside of the other and match up your side seams where you have your upper slits.

*Note I had slightly hemmed my slits, but found this unnecessary.
Sew a straight stitch all the way around  the raw edge opening, making sure your slits match at the side seams. Leave one side with the slits open to pull your fabric through.
Tuck under the opening by aligning the side seams and slits and sew shut. You should now have your bag with lining.

Fold your lining fabric over your main fabric and pin, so it shows on the outside.
Sew down and add your lace trim, making sure your lace trim meets by tucking the raw edges under and sewing it down at the side seams.
Add two button holes to each bottom corner of the bag.

Taking a large safety pin, feed your ribbon through each side of the openings. Bring it down to meet the button holes on each side. You may want to try this on your child at this point, so you know how long the straps should be. Or you could add extra buttons up the strap to make it adjustable! Just some ideas!

Grabbing both ends of ribbon on one side of the bag, make the ends butt up (ha!). Pin and sew this down, so you won't see the underneath part of the ribbon, but make a ribbon strap. You are literally sewing two ribbons together.

Now the most important  factor is that you keep the bag open, not scrunched shut, because your ribbons need to be able to be separate to go through the bag. Opening and closing easily. Repeat with the other strap.
Sew your buttons on the ends of your ribbon straps and button the straps through the bag!
That's it! 

Cai kindly obliged to look through "Beloved's" bag... you see, he told me to pick out  girly fabrics, because he is CERTAIN Beloved is going to be a girl. If we ask him or tell him the possibility that Beloved may be a boy, he says "Nuh uh, it's gonna be a girl." So, if anyone is keeping track, I now have TWO girl items in possible girl baby beloved's closet...
Now worries... the other side is full of blue and I am ready for another boy and would be just as happy! There's just something about getting to sew for girls that I love!

Fabrics seen in this post are sponsored form Jo-Ann's and are lisette Liesl and Co. (mini colored squares) and a teal damask print made exclusively for Jo-Ann's. The ribbon I already had in my stash and I believe may be from Hobby Lobby. The lace crochet trim is from Jo-Ann's and buttons from my stash.

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Now, if you would, help a sister out, by pinning this tutorial with #summerofjoann, so I possibly could win a $100 giftcard! Now wouldn't THAT be fun!? Not that I think it will happen, but who would love $100 to spend on fabrics!?