Monday, July 15, 2013

The Porch - Jessica from The Sewing Rabbit

We're back today with another Porch post! A series where bloggers come sit on my vitual porch and share from their hearts more than just sewing! It's an honor to have Jessica here today! She's the "captain" of the Sewing Rabbit Team that I am a part of and truly an inspiration, a beautiful person inside and out! 
Hi there, I am Jess the Sewing Rabbit and I am thrilled to be hanging out on Vanessa's porch with her!

When I was little my Grandma had a porch swing - it was one of those double seat wooden ones that hung down from the ceiling off of a couple of chains. The kind that if you swung too hard, would hit the railing behind you - which, much to my Grandmother's chagrin, we liked to do a lot. Sitting on that swing would give you a view of the fields, and you could see the kids as they ran home from the playground every day. And the stories we could tell you from that swing...they keep my family in stitches whenever we start talking about them!

But more often than not, we would just sit there and talk. Just me and my cousin, a couple of young girls trying to figure out the world while munching on chips.

I miss those days, I miss sitting on that porch, and I miss the innocence that surrounds those memories.

Image via: Red Beacon
If I were to be sitting on that porch today, I imagine I would talk about my life as it is now. A life with a husband I am still learning about, and three young kids who are the greatest joy and greatest exasperation of my life. I would tell my cousin that I still don't understand boys, either in my husband or my son.
But they still make my stomach flip flop every time they smile at me.

I would talk about my girls, and just how much they are like my sister and I. Exact opposites in every way.

How I watch my middle daughter look up to her big sister, and want to be able to do everything she can do. How much it warms my heart when I see my eldest daughter be kind to her younger sister, and how I wish I did more of that with my own when I was younger. And how they may not know it now, but they are looking at their future best friend.

I would tell my cousin that I finally started to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. That I found the passion I had been searching for all throughout my high school and college years. My gift for sewing.

I would laugh with her about the fact that I realized I really don't want a dog after all, and perhaps apologize for all of the moaning she had to hear on the subject through the years.

And I would thank her for her prayers for my salvation, because I am pretty confident that it is because of her countless prayers that I was saved by grace in my early adult years. That when I hit rock bottom, I knew to look up because of her.

And perhaps most importantly, I would tell her I have stopped trying to figure out the world.
I have learned to try to catch the raindrops when I can, because life is crazy enough. I may not be able to catch every single drop of rain that comes in the storm, but I will catch enough to wet my tongue and perhaps not be thirsty anymore. And maybe to even find joy, when others are just wet.

To capture life's little moments.

Our porch looks a little different now, but as the next generation grows older, it warms my heart to see that some things never change.
Thanks so much for having me Vanessa, your Front Porch was as much fun to 'sit' and reminisce on as I hoped it would be.

It's time to go and call my cousin.

Aw, thanks, Jess, for coming today! Truly such a sweet and inspiring story! I love your girls and your love for your family and how they mean everything to you! 

Be sure to check out The Sewing Rabbit, where I am a monthly contributor! It's chock full of great sewing tutorials!